XENON: Simble CD 1995 Great A.O.R / Melodic Hard Rock from the U.S.A, a la Tall Stories debut CD. Check all samples


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critics around the world have proclaimed that if there is indeed a resurgence of Hard Rock, Xenon should very well be in the forefront of that movement. The reviews that followed have echoed that sentiment. Kerrang 4Ks, Frontiers 10/10, Hard Rocks 10/10, Burrn! 85/100.

Xenon continues to receive countless awards from magazines both on the internet and on paper. In January 1996, Xenon received the “Most Promising Unsigned Act” award from UK based magazine Frontiers. SFK on-line magazine has named “China Sky” the “Best AOR Ballad of All Time”. Xenon continues to record and play out to their fans.
Is this band for real? Wait until you hear “China Sky”, a monster of a song and one of the best I’ve heard in sometime…Xenon is sheer AOR heaven.
Kurt Torster…SFK Magazine

If Americana fuelled radio-friendly AOR is the particular bag you’re into, then you’d be certifiably insane to miss this release. This is class. Plain and simple.
Frontiers Magazine
Formed 1983, NJ, United States

Joey Flamingo vocals
Tony Capobianco drums
Bob Specht guitars
Joe Kosa bass
Tolga Timuray keyboards

1. Am I The One? 4:43
2. The Day You Let Go 5:59
3. One Look 4:09
4. Feels Like Home 4:42
5. China Sky 4:51
6. Lay Me Down 4:59
7. Overnight Sensation 5:33

Total Running Time: 34:56

The song quality on this one is quite high and joey flamingo sings much better and more confident than he ever before. every single song has something to offer to the listener leaving you wanting for more.the day you let go and china sky are worth the price alone superb stuff!buy!buy!.
AWESOME production, much beefier than AND. Specht is smokin’ too. This is the real deal for me. Outstanding c.d. a must have!!!! Only has seven tracks, but what quality tracks they are. Opening up ‘Am I The One?’ which has a hard style. They let us in with the gorgeous ‘The Day You Let Go’, a killer slow to mid-tempo burner, with some soulful guitars and dreamy keyboards over the top. Melodies abound on ‘One Look’, sort of similar to Tall Stories material. Simply awesome heavy AOR !! A monster!!! Brilliant!
Well, I have no words for this album. Its just great. Perhaps, the best USA band I’ve ever heard. They play AOR but in a different way. Examples: Am I the One?, China Sky. My favourite, with no doubt, is One Look; pay attention to the drum style. Lay Me Down, perfect song.Track #7 ‘Lay Me Down’is definitely the hardest cut..Its my favorite overall. If you love AOR music, this is a MUST.

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