XC-NN: 4CD PROMO CD. similar to The Cult. Check the banned video / No 1 indie single


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Formed as CNN by ex-All About Eve / Sisters of Mercy guitarist Tim Bricheno, but then changed their name due to pressure from the American news channel. This album -their debut- surprised many with its diversity and quality, with inventive songs ranging from the pop accessibility of “1000 Easy” to heavy industrial guitar based blasts, while the bands live performance continued to be exhilarating. Give it a try!

Track Listings
1. Biroland
2. 1000 Easy
3. Broadway
4. Wrong Thing
5. Monarch
6. Looking Forward
7. Early Days
8. Young, Stupid & White
9. Basta
10. Unnatural Passions
11. Logic Bomb
12. Find Out

CNN emerged in 1993 when music hadn’t quite yet died. They had style, they had ideas, they had samples…(“Young Stupid & White” – featuring Bowie & Cult samples
“Looking Forward” – featuring Buddy Holly sample).
They released a couple of singles then were forced to change their name by the american news company CNN, whom they had originally named themselves after. They then changed to XC-NN, and managed to release 2 albums before splitting up.
Check the banned CNN music video 1993 / No 1 indie single.

In this video the singer has such an abundance of charisma, I’ve always really loved this video for his charm and have to watch it repeatedly whenever I see it, he is captivating! Love this & the album its on, massively underrated band!

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