WOLFS MOON: Keep Metal Alive CD old school Heavy Metal. Check audio.


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WOLFS MOON: Keep Metal Alive

Ahhh…the bliss of finding a truely great underground metal band is almost as good as sex! Bands like Germany’s Wolfs Moon are one of the main reasons we spend hours on the web each day looking for the true hidden gems in the Heavy metal world. They have it all, musical Power, vocal Power and the right Heavy Metal attitude. But most importantly they have an incredible passion for the music they play. Wolfs Moon does not simply play Heavy Metal; they pay tribute to the Metal Gods!!! If you are a fan of good old fashion metal,then Wolfs Moon is the band for you!

Full-length, MDD Records September 20th, 2004

Carsten “Maxe” Pasemann – vocals
Gerd “Sammy” Simson – guitar
Marco Dammann – bass
Andreas “Andi” Rinke – drums

1. Still Believe in Metal 05:24
2. Reborn with a Black Heart 04:13
3. Timestream Horrorsphere 05:45
4. Temple of Eternity 05:17
5. Lonely at the Gates 05:11
6. Demon-Skull 04:37
7. Vampire Wasteland 04:51
8. Bloodstorm on a Nightwing 05:38
9. Power and Disaster 04:32
10. I Hate This Universe 04:22
11. Killing Kayne * 02:59 * Bonus track.
Total playing time 52:49  Playing time: 52.34 min.

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