WISHBONE ASH: Live in Geneva CD. Rare, Hengest Records 1995 UK! Check AUDIO, all songs


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Live in Geneva (Recorded at the Rock Heroes Festival, Geneva, 1995). Geneva is a city in Switzerland

Check AUDIO all songs:

Label: Hengest Records, HNRCD003
Format: CD, Album
Country: Uk
Released: 1995
Genre: Rock, Hard Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Classic Rock

Live in Geneva is a Digitally Recorded live album from rock band Wishbone Ash recorded between 6-8th April 1994 at Arthur’s Rock Club, Geneva by SYME Music Publishing Company Limited. It was released for the bands 25 Year Anniversary tour in 1995 on Hengest Records. It features a new version of the band with founding member Andy Powell along with new members Tony Kishman, Roger Filgate, and Mike Sturgis. This lineup would record the Illuminations studio album the following year.

Track listing:
1. The King Will Come 7:53
2. Strange Affair 6:18
3. Throw Down The Sword 6:15
4. In The Skin 6:11
5. Hard Times 5:04
6. Blowin’ Free 8:32
7. Keeper Of The Light 8:44
8. Medley: Blind Eye, Lady Whiskey, Jail Bait, Phoenix & The Pilgrim 8:44
9. Runaway 3:44
10. Sometime World 6:37
11. Vas Dis 5:55

Tony Kishman – bass, vocals
Andy Powell – guitar, vocals
Roger Filgate – guitar
Mike Sturgis – drums

5.0 out of 5 stars Wishbone Ash In Geneva,
I have been a Wishbone Ash fan from the very first album. This Live CD is no doubt is some great stuff. The recording and mix is an A+ for a live CD. Yes it has only Andy Powell from the original band, but it still sounds like the the boys of old. The double lead guitars don’t miss a beat and is very clean. There is a Wishbone Ash melody that is great also that includes part of the song Phoenix from the first album. Sometime World is another of my favorites with a sweet sounding solos from the boys. This is there best live album that they have out. A must buy. This has to be a part of every Wishbone Ash fans collection.
5.0 out of 5 stars Get it now,
This is a truly great “live” Wishbone Ash CD. The sound quality and the vocals are perfect and of course, the guitars sing beautifully. The sound quality rivals the best live cds I have ever heard, great mix and very clear. The performance isn’t quite as raucous as some of the older live performances, but its very tight, professional and has plenty of passion. Just get it and you will love it.
5.0 out of 5 stars The essence of Wishbone Ash captured…,
No one can dispute the technical prowess of Wishbone Ash. Accomplished musicians, good songs, good arrangements… all of that going for them, and they still tended to come up short in the studio when it came to serious passion driving their music. What their live albums proved over and over again was that Wishbone Ash were in their element when they had an audience to appreciate their work. Live in Geneva is a shining monument to that fact, and a great live album by any standard. Although it was recorded in 1997, its focus is on the earlier, stronger material. They play all of it with typical precision but with excitement that virtually flies out of the speakers. The recording quality is superb, enhancing the listening experience even further. If you’re fortunate enough to find a copy of this, consider it not only a great live performance, but a distilled compilation that outdoes just about any studio equivalent.
5.0 out of 5 stars
I almost didn’t buy Live in Geneva as I only recognized founding member Andy Powell and was stuck on only wanting the original line-up from the 70s. What I’ve discovered over the last few years is that Wishbone Ash is always evolving in its personnel. The performances are clear, crisp, exciting, beautifully sung and tight.
A great complement to Live in Geneva is Live in Chicago which also has second guitarist Ted Turner from the original group recorded 3 years earlier. The performances are well played, the singing not as tight but still deserving 5 stars though.
5.0 out of 5 stars Great Band, Fantastic twin guitar work.

Wishbone Ash have had multiple line up changes and periods of inactivity since their ‘70’s hay day. Andy Powell, the sole surviving member by 1995, put a touring band together and marked their 25th anniversary with shows at the Geneva Rock Heroes Festival. Roger Filgate, who had allegedly bumped into Powell in a Connecticut record shop, shared lead guitar and vocal duties after original front man Ted Turner had left for the 2nd and final time. Tony Kishman handled the bass and Mike Sturgis occupied the drum stool, having done the same for Asia, 21 Guns and A-Ha.

The resulting live CD is a fitting testament to Wishbone Ash’s enduring melodic credentials and beautifully crafted songs. The sound is crystal clear and the guitars especially come through at the top of the mix and with sharp precision. The spiralling lead breaks that bring the excellent ‘Throw Down The Sword’ to a climax are a perfect example. A little quibble, however, is the dryness that such clinical production delivers. The sometimes sterile atmosphere can make the performance feel low key. ‘In The Skin’ sounds as if the band are constrained by the exacting requirements of a Swiss watch factory rather than cutting loose at the country’s best festival. On the other hand (see what I did there?) ‘Hard Times’ shakes off the shackles and unleashes some real and welcome energy.

The classic Wishbone Ash sound remains wonderfully intact here, despite only one original member. Set opener ‘The King Will Come’ from 1972’s landmark ‘Argus’ opus amply highlights Ash’s once pioneering twin lead guitar harmonies, complemented by twin lead vocal harmonies. ‘Blowin’ Free’ thumps along with its mid tempo boogie. The mid-set medley culled from highlights of the first two albums is stuffed with uplifting moments and gorgeous guitar exchanges.

This album can certainly stand shoulder to shoulder with the pick of their live albums.


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