WILDFIRE: Brute Force n Ignorance CD w. Iron Maiden, More, Praying Mantis, Statetrooper, Tank members. Check samples.


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Paul Mario Day – Vocals (Iron Maiden, More, Sweet, Crimson Lake)
Jeff Summers – Guitars (Weapon, The Headbangers, Flex, Legs Akimbo, The Loudshirts, Paddy Goes To Holyhead, Snatch, Statetrooper)
Martin Bushell – Guitars (Statetrooper)
Jeff Brown – Bass (Statetrooper, Dumpys Rusty Nuts)
Bruce Bisland – Drums (Praying Mantis, Statetrooper, Sweet, Tank, The Wandering Crutchless, Weapon, Lipservice)


The song ‘If I Tried’ starts off with Paul Mario Day singing the words to Simon & Garfunkels scarborough Fair’.
Media: Mint (Absolute mint condition)
Sleeve:Very Good Plus (VG+)

1. Violator 03:49
2. Victim Of Love 03:51
3. Another Daymare 03:40  <—-
4. Lovelight 04:30
5. Search And Destroy 04:26
6. Redline 04:17
7. Wildfire 02:35
8. Godrush 04:44
9. If I Tried 03:45
10. Eyes Of The Future 04:35
Total playing time 40:12

Bass Jeff Brown
Drums Bruce Bisland
Lead Guitar Jeff Summers, Martin Bushel*
Lead Vocals Paul Mario Day
Producer John McGowan, Wildfire
label: Mausoleum Records
pressing: belgian
produced by Chris Tsangarides
style: NWOBHM
Release recorded: 1982
Country: London, UK
Media: Mint (Absolute mint condition)
Sleeve:Very Good Plus (VG+)

This band has its fine ingredients and glory moments. One spice from the rack is Paul Mario Day, (ex More and really early Maiden casualty). Then there is two old Weapon escapees in Bisland and Summers, a decent backbone that do a clear-headed job unleashing a bevy of civilized, respectable, and fortunately bendable hooks and corners. Metal, powered by commercially viable fuel that luckily falls short of skirt-chasing scumbag rock or the AOR red flag, though when you finally pass finale Eyes of the Future, theres little doubt Wildfire couldve rolled up with much softer tires if they wanted. Cool n dashing are Violator and Another Daymare, sliding along with enough dynamic steam. Victim of Love, If I Tried, Eyes of the Future, Lovelight – very melodic while stirring up a small nest of catchiness.
On the worldwide front, Wildfire rounded the table but couldn’t find their name-place amongst the Whitesnakes and Dokkens, but as they duked it out with more battle dressed Crossfire and Ostrogoth for Mausoleums marketing eye, they sorta succeeded, coercing from the label some full page ads and another LP.

A fan plays on his guitar: “as part of my Unsung Classics guitar video series. Wildfire was a NWOBHM band that had a LOT of potential but never made it big. This song features an amazing guitar solo – one of my favorites ever”

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