WHITE TRASH: LP 1991 Funk Rock Metal. Living Colour, Dan Reed Network, Fishbone, Red Hot Chili Peppers, 24⁄7 Spyz, Urban Dance Squad, Tackhead, Faith No More, Primus. Check video and a review video


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WHITE TRASH – “Apple Pie”

or same song in a different location: Check official video clip rocks. Throw in some funky horns and you had something a little different on the early 90s music landscape.

White Trash, 1991
Chart success: Pretty modest. Peaked at #39 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart. Video got some significant play on MTV for a while.

One of the greatest albums of all time. Its a crime this band wasn’t huge.
A lot of people don’t realize this was a dead zone for music in the time frame. MTV was desperate to leave the 80s behind. We hadn’t found Nirvana, but yet we haven’t yet heard the latest Guns. White trash was an intermediary. Unfortunately they were about having fun with love, where the music scene to dominate was about being depressed and drug addled. I rocked out to this song just about as much as “My Michele.”

White Trash-White Trash-Recorded on Elektra Records in 1991-7559-61053-German Pressing

Label: Elektra – 7559-61053-1
Format: Vinyl , LP, Album The sleeve and record are both in excellent condition.
Country: germany
Dated: 1991
Alternative Rock , Funk Metal

Track Listings
1. Apple Pie
2. Judge-Me-Do
3. Take My Soul
4. Po’ White Trash
5. Backstage Pass
6. Lil’ Nancy
7. Buzz!
8. The Crawl
9. Baby
10. S.D.A.S.E.
11. Party Line
12. Good God
13. Prayer B4 Pizza

5.0 out of 5 stars Lost in the shuffle.
Between the end of the late-80s Hollywood hair band scene and the rise of what became called “Grunge,” a lot of bands with a lot of talent slipped in the mass-marketing cracks. One of those bands was NYCs WHITE TRASH. After a hot Buzz-Bin video on MTV (APPLE PIE,) suddenly WHITE TRASH found themselves unfairly lumped in with the hair bands, and soon, the only airplay they got on MTV was “The Crawl” being used as the theme to Jon Stewarts old show (not that anyone really knew who did it anyway.) Its amazing how fresh it sounds. Although vocalist Dave Alvins voice occasionally hit dogs-only range, the talent of this group was unquestionable. The original lineup of WHITE TRASH (and their accompaniment, THE BADASS BRASS,) brought out what I would best describe as the stepchildren of THE BLUES BROTHERS and AC/DC. Although the core group was overhauled for the next (final) album, “SI O SI, QUE?,” WHITE TRASH retained a spark and talent that should have made them, if not the biggest band in the world, then at least a band that could have afforded to quit their day jobs. Top to bottom, WHITE TRASHs self-titled major label debut is worth a listen, and has been a staple of my personal collection since the month it was released.

5.0 out of 5 stars Very Underrated to say this least.,
I bought this back in 1991 when it was first released. From that moment on, I was hooked, but I somehow knew that this album would be blown off as it with the case for many other great albums. White Trash, is one of my all time favorite lps. I am a 33 year old musician ” drummer” and this album has inspired me for years. It totally makes me sad that this album got swept under the carpet. The creative genius behind this band blows my mind even today. I will start of the bottom end ” the rhythm section” The slap/pop bass through-out the album is awesome. I can really live the groove and it gives me inspiration to write. The drum tracks are so solid and groove/funk that it is almost impossible not to feel them. Very creative powerful and pure genius form their drummer. The vocals at times are a bit out of my comfort range, but then Dave brings them right back down low, to come back with timing and placement that totally brings the groove right back together. Guys a pure talent. The horn section, is done so well on this lp. Its not this over powering ear piercing section that makes your ears bleed. It is very well written and placed just in the right spot to bring in a bigger band sound and make you feel like your on the streets of New Orleans, knock em back and having a great time. This is my second favorite album of all time only to take a back seat to Queensryches Operation Mindcrime. Sorry this review was so long. but I have a lot to say about this masterpiece album from NYC.


5.0 out of 5 stars Mixture of jazz, blues, & rock and roll. Before its time..
Not the bands first endevor, but it is the best. Before “alternative” was mainstream, they were doing what they do best, and its all here on this album. Can be described as pre-ska  type music, once you listen you will hear many bands today with the same type of sound. Great mix of brass and rock and roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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