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White Heart, also listed as Whiteheart, was a Contemporary Christian Music pop-rock band which formed in 1982. White Hearts discography includes thirteen albums.

1 4:52 FR Invitation
2 4:41 EB More Sold Out
3 4:27 DWM How Many Times (Seventy Times Seven)
4 4:33 FR Set The Bridge On Fire
5 4:18 FR Eighth Wonder
6 4:41 DWM Fly Eagle Fly
7 4:40 DWM Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Christian
8 6:52 FR The River Will Flow
9 4:12 CHR Little Drummer Boy
10 4:25 DWM Maybe Today
11 5:15 FR Over Me
12 3:43 DWM Convertibles
13 4:09 FR Bye Bye Babylon
14 4:55 EB Montanna Sky
(ORIG) Original Albums Represented:
DWM – Don’t Wait For The Movie (1986 – Sparrow Records)
EB – Emergency Broadcast (1987 – Sparrow Records)
CHR – Christmas (1988 – Sparrow Records), (Sparrow Artists Christmas album)
FR – Freedom (1989 – Sparrow Records)

? This album is the greatest Christian? album ever…and this song (being my favorite) puts it head and shoulders above most…yesterday or today!

5.0 out of 5 stars Showcasing the Sparrow Records Era of White Heart,
Released in 1991, Souvenirs showcases some of the musical highlights of White Hearts three albums released with Sparrow Records: Don’t Wait for the Movie (1986), Emergency Broadcast (1988) and Freedom (1989). This was the era of the bands classic lineup featuring foudning members Mark Gersmehl (keyboards) and Billy Smiley (guitars/keyboards) plus vocalist Rick Florian, guitarist Gordon Kennedy, bassist Tommy Simms and drummer Chris McHugh. This collection features How Many Times, Fly Eagle Fly, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Christian, Maybe Today and Convertibles from DWFTM, More Sold Out and Montana Sky from Emergency Broadcast and Invitation, Set the Bridge on Fire, Eighth Wonder, The River Will Flow, Over Me and Bye Bye Babylon from Freedom. Souvenirs also includes White Hearts rendition of The Little Drummer Boy, which the band recorded for a Sparrow Records Christmas compilation album in 1987.
Souvenirs is a great collection of some of White Hearts best songs from the mid-to-late 1980s before the band left Sparrow to sign with Star Song, where they recorded their early 90s releases.


5.0 out of 5 stars Nice compilation of early ‘Rik’ material…,
There are some excellent cuts here from White Hearts pre-Powerhouse albums, with ‘The River Will Flow’ being one of my very favorite songs. If you don’t plan on buying any other ‘White Heart’ LPs and only want one LP get this. You can’t go wrong with this!!

Rick Florian lead vocals [also sung for Liberty N’ Justice and for Neal Morse]
Mark Gersmehl keyboards, vocals [also Rachel Rachel]
Billy Smiley vocals, rhythm guitar [also Rachel Rachel, JAG]
Chris McHugh drums, percussion [also John Elefante, JAG, 707, Peter Cetera]
Gordon Kennedy guitars, vocals [also Doro, Peter Frampton, JAG, Whitecross]
Tommy Sims bass, vocals [also  JAG]
1.   Invitation 4:50
2.   More Sold Out 4:45
3.   How Many Times (Seventy Times Seven) 4:23
4.   Set the Bridge on Fire 4:31
5.   Eighth Wonder 4:20
6.   Fly Eagle Fly 4:44
7.   Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Christian 4:34
8.   The River Will Flow 6:52
9.   Little Drummer Boy 4:20
10.   Maybe Today 4:19
11.   Over Me 5:19
12.   Convertibles 3:42
13.   Bye Bye Babylon 4:06
14.   Montana Sky 4:56

Total Running Time:   65:41

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