Where the Bad Boys Rock! The Rock Invasion Continues 2CD PROMO (People Like You Records) 34 songs (+ covers) Check audio


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Where the Bad Boys Rock! The Rock Invasion Continues CD PROMO (DCD Prison 050-2) (People Like You Records)
Rock compilation includes “Deuce.”

Released: September 2003

“I Used To Fuck People Like You In Prison” Records Prison 050-2
Format: 2 × CD, Sampler
Country: Germany
Released: 2003
Genre: Rock,Psychobilly, Punk, Rockabilly
1-1 Intro
1-2 Mad Sin Rock Against Ass [Cover of Turbonegro]
1-3 Damnation Spell On Me
1-4 The Spitts Thats My Girl
1-5 69 Hard: Gone, Gone, Gone  [69 Hard later went on to form JET BLACK COMBO and THE CAMTWISTERS]
1-6 Discontent, The Lets Rock’N’Roll
1-7 Revolvers, The No Clash Reunion
1-8 American Heartbreak Nobody Likes Me
1-9 The Bones Dead And Gone
1-10 Sartana 24 Hours Hell
1-11 V8Wankers Detroit Steel
1-12 Adam West Deuce [KISS Cover]
1-13 The Generators Tranquilized
1-14 The Accidents Wild Little Kiddie
1-15 Rickshaw Last Man Standing
1-16 Disco Volante Ol`Dirty Pike
1-17 The Heartaches Safe And Sound

1. Heartbreak Engines – But If I`m Too Drunk
2. Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 – Planet Of The Apes [Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 are a horror punk band from North Carolina. The band was formed in 1996 by Wednesday 13, who recruited friends and former Maniac Spider Trash bandmates Seaweed and Sicko Zero].
3. Texas Terri – Never Shut Up…
4. The Forgotten – R.R.D.
5. Squad 21 – Millionare
6. Venerea – Make Me Stay
7. Sixes & Sevens – Rock`n`Roll Pride
8. Swindle A Go Go – Leavin` Kariokee City
9. Bloodjunkies – This Cursed Place
10. Trashcan Darlings – So Whore
11. The Spook – Skulls (Misfits Cover)
12. Duane Peters (feat. Pascal Briggs) – Suicide Child
13. The Meteors – U Ain`t Right
14. Celtic Bones – Wild At Heart
15. The Daybreak Boys – Days Go By
16. Joe Coffee – Stink Of Love
17. Outro

Swedish Rockband 69-HARD. this is their one and only video. they later went on to form JET BLACK COMBO and THE CAMTWISTERS.