Where The Bad Boys Rock PROMO CD 2000. I Used to Fuck People Like You in Prison Records! Super RARE! 23 bands.


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Promo-CD Cardsleeve
I Used To Fuck People Like You In Prison Records 2000

1. The Bones Dead End Cruisin’ 3:50
2. The Generators Nothing To Lose 2:36
3. Silver Tongued Devil You Broke My Heart 2:28
4. The Awesome Machine Supernova 2:49
5. The Mushroom River Band To The World Beyond 2:50
6. Sunride Ascending The Throne 2:58
7. Aerobitch Not So Bad 2:31
8. Machine Gun Take You Down 2:31
9. Public Toys White Crosses 3:32
10. Eternal Elysium Stone Wedge 2:24
11. Unida Flower Girl 4:50
12. Red Aim Em Zabbebabba Sat Bou 3:32
13. Solace Whistle Pig 4:16
14. Spirit Caravan Burnin’ In 3:38
15. Zebulon Burning Fuel 3:15
16. Unkinds Rock’n’roll Is A Fraud 2:34
17. Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 R.A.M.B.O. 2:46
18. The Spitts Badge Away 2:51
19. The Daybreak Boys Born Bad Boogie 2:49
20. Happy Revolvers Suicide Baby 4:39
21. Nebula Full Throttle 4:09
22. Dozer From Mars 3:03
23. Lowrider Caravan 3:26

Beautiful record company promo copy housed in a card sleeve (different colour cover to finished CD) – Full tracklisting on reverse with some colour images ofthe sleeves of the featured bands.

Excellent condition disc and card sleeve – Been in storage for 11 years!

Year: 2000
Label: I Used To F*** People Like You In Prison
Number of discs: 1
Number of tracks: 25
Available on: CD

People Like You is a well known punk’n’roll European label, but some years ago distributed some very interesting stoner rock bands (many of thems were also in the Meteorcity catalogue for the U.S.A.). This compilation, released in 2001 at a very cheap price, promoted both sides of this albel so here you have some punk and rock’n’roll bands and some stoners as Nebula, Sunride, Lowrider, Winos Spirit Caravan and many more…

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