WEIRD AL YANKOVIC: Dare To Be Stupid CD Check videos
WEIRD AL YANKOVIC: Dare To Be Stupid CD Check videos
WEIRD AL YANKOVIC: Dare To Be Stupid CD Check videos

WEIRD AL YANKOVIC: Dare To Be Stupid CD Check videos


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Weird Al Yankovics third album, Dare To Be Stupid, being both a superb comic album and a nifty slice-o-pop culture from the early Eighties, its one of his best releases and is well worth the price of admission. The first track, Like A Surgeon, has far more memorable lyrics than Madonnas original words to her hit Like A Virgin. Huey Lewis and The News were also a hot item at the time this album was released and I Want A New Duck, an excellent parody of their hit I Want A New Drug, is a fond reminder of those days. Likewise, Yoda and Girls Just Want To Have Lunch serve as reminders that The Kinks and Cyndi Lauper were once forces to be reckoned with on the Top Ten chart. The title track, Weird Als best original composition, bar none. The music is simple and repetitive, the sound unabashedly electronic and arpeggio, and the lyrics ironic and demented. Slime Creatures From Outer Space does approach the limits of human toleration via the cheese factor. Two other original songs are particularly good. This Is The Life, about the spendthrift ways of the ultra-rich, holds special relevance today because it couldve been written about a nouveau riche dot-com millionaire. This albums obligatory polka tune containing snippets of popular songs, Hooked On Polkas, is neat. How can one not like a song cobbled together with random verses from hits by ZZ Top, Tina Turner, Yes, Twisted Sister, Nina, Kenny Loggins, Duran Duran, Quiet Riot, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, and others? Dare To Be Stupid is a solid album, start to finish.

1. Like a Surgeon
2. Dare to Be Stupid
3. I Want a New Duck
4. One More Minute
5. Yoda
6. George of the Jungle
7. Slime Creatures From Outer Space
8. Girls Just Want to Have Lunch
9. This Is the Life
10. Cable TV
11. Hooked on Polkas


5.0 out of 5 stars Go on – dare to be stupid,
You can’t go wrong with Weird Al. I can’t think of anyone I know who hasn’t at least cracked a smile at one of his songs. Dare To Be Stupid has some of the best ones in his back catalogue as well – and those who remember Transformers The Movie will recognise the title track.


5.0 out of 5 stars Al the Great at his Weirdest!,
After this CD I became a fan of the incredible Al. Its really amazing how he can rearrange famous songs with so funny and incredibly matching lyrics! I think hes one of the greatest comedians-singers in the world. Keep on going, Al!

Dare to Be Stupid” is an original song by “Weird Al” Yankovic. It is a musical pastiche (or “style parody”) of the band Devo.

Lyrically, the song dares the listener to be stupid in various ways; mostly by advising the listener to do the opposite of common idioms (e.g. “let the bedbugs bite” or “put all your eggs in one basket”), with the occasional absurd non sequitur (e.g. “stick your head in the microwave and get yourself a tan”).

In an interview on VH1’s Behind the Music, Devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh stated in reaction to the song that: “I was in shock. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard. He sort of re-sculpted that song into something else and… I hate him for it, basically.”

The song was featured in The Transformers: The Movie. It was later released as a double a-side along with “The Touch” by Stan Bush.

Like a Surgeon” is a song recorded by “Weird Al” Yankovic that appears on his third studio album Dare to Be Stupid (1985). It was released as the album’s second single on June 4, 1985, by Scotti Brothers Records.  A parody of the pop song “Like a Virgin” by Madonna, its lyrics describe a hospital environment, with the same melody as Madonna’s original counterpart. The track was written by Yankovic and Madonna, with the latter coming up with the parody’s title, an act Yankovic generally discourages. Rick Derringer served as the executive producer.

“Like a Surgeon” was well received by music critics, who praised Yankovic’s take on Madonna’s single. Another critic called it “as good” as “Like a Virgin”. In the United States, it peaked at number 47 on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming his fifth entry in that country at the time. It also peaked in the top forty of Australia and Canada, with the former peaking at number 19. For live performances of the recording, Yankovic further borrowed elements from Madonna’s renditions, singing live in a hospital surrounding, sporting similar outfits and costumes.

The idea for “Like a Surgeon” arose immediately following the completion of his song “Yoda“.  Although Yankovic generally did not use parody ideas from other musicians, Madonna was partly involved during the writing process of the track. An acquaintance of the singer suggested the idea while with Madonna, noting that it would not take long for Weird Al to satirize her 1984 hit single “Like a Virgin“. The acquaintance was a mutual friend of Jay Levey, Yankovic’s manager, and brought the idea up to him following the encounter.  This is the only known time that Yankovic has obtained an idea directly from the original artist, as he “openly discourages people from giving him parody ideas”. It was recorded alongside other singles in February 1985: “I Want a New Duck” and “Hooked on Polkas“, and album track “Girls Just Want to Have Lunch”


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