WEIGHTLOSS: The perfect waste of time CDR Promo demo. original ska punk/core w. technical horn parts. s


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5 songs
The Perfect Waste Of Time/The Perfect Waste Of time
The Perfect Waste Of Time/20 Dead Camel Lights
The Perfect Waste Of Time/Last One Alive
The Perfect Waste Of Time/Bathtime For The Homeless
The Perfect Waste Of Time/Overculture

In a scene surrounded by hardcore and fashionable haircuts, Weightloss strive to keep a dead scene alive. One of the only hopes in Hertfordshire in England for keeping ska punk/core original with technical horn parts and impatient rhythms which empower the socially angry lyrics that vocalist Dan spits out with true meaning and experience.
Weightloss had gigs including: The Underworld, Camden; supporting MU330, Adequate 7 and Bosseye. Also having many successful shows elsewhere in Manchester, Corby, Leamington Spa, Cambridge and Harlow. Not forgetting numerous performances at local venue, Club 85, in Hitchin. Where they played one of their final shows of 2005 supporting the mighty Capdown with help from their friends in $up.
Combining influences from Hardcore, Ska, Punk, and Funk and from bands such as The Blue Meanies, Capdown, Link 80, Primus, Ye Wiles and American Nightmare. The band focuses on songs that sound dark and on social issues that concern them. Weightloss have developed their brand of: Dark Raw Passionate Drug Addled Ska and will take it as far as the petrol in their tanks will take them plus how ever further they can manage to get after that…

Samples:  https://myspace.com/weightloss/music/songs

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