WARSAW Poland Bros: Hors G’Lore CD Super ska. Check audio samples


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Track Listings
1 Percosex Poland 0:23
2 Girlfriend Says Poland Brothers, Ribyat 3:53
3 Higher and Higher Poland 3:17
4 Fuss or Moan Murry, Poland Brothers 3:19
5 Swings Back Poland 1:37
6 Up Around the Mountain Poland 3:43
7 Love Is Stronger Than Pride Poland Brothers 3:27
8 Bow Down Poland 4:39
9 Gangster Poland 2:35
10 [Untitled Track] 1:55
11 Walls Warsaw Poland Brothers 3:08
12 Baby Don’t Go Poland Brothers 2:35
13 Ago Tell Your Friend… Poland 0:48
14 Find My Drums Poland Brothers, Tuttle 1:39
15 Bottle of Rum Poland Brothers 2:44
16 Bow Down “Pirate Dub” Poland 6:03
17 Voice Mall Poland 3:13
18 Prostitute Gone Wild Warsaw 6:03

SAMPLES:   www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Ddigital-music&field-k…
Warsaw Shreds!
This six-piece set from Arizona demonstrates how talented musicianship can elevate styles that are normally pidgeon-holed to be three-chord pop-tradgedies. Not only is each and every song on this album unique and fresh, but they are darn right addicting. This is an amazing feat, considering the fact that 90% of Warsaws songs are written by front-man Chrix. (the muse has him in her grips I tell ya)
Warsaw handles its groove on a vast array of genres, such as ska/reggae/funk/rock/punk/jazz/swing. Even Celtic-stylings has managed to make it in their formula of danceable, rock steady jives. I consider myself to be a harsh critic of music, yet somehow Warsaw has found in me a soft-spot. If I had a choice of any cd to take with me on a deserted island, it would definitely be one with Warsaw gracing the cover.

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