WARRIOR SOUL: The Space Age Playboys CD (Original MFN copy). A very individual band a masterclass in the genre. Check videos


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the most underrated energetic album of the 1990’s

1994|CD|Music For Nations|CDMFN172
Warrior Soul The Space Age Playboys
Music For Nations CDMFN 172 CD
UK 1994 Rock Hard Rock

SAMPLES: www.allmusic.com/album/the-space-age-playboys-mw0000181534


1 Rocket Engines 3:49
2 The Drug 4:23
3 Lets Get Wasted 4:58
4 No No No 3:18
5 Television 3:35
6 The Pretty Faces 4:32
7 The Image 4:59
8 Rotten Soul 4:29
9 I Wanna Get Some 4:22
10 Look At You 4:02
11 Star Ride 5:10
12 Generation Graveyard 3:44
13 Fightin’ The War 4:51


5.0 out of 5 stars Wow!,
This simply doesn’t let up from the opening drum salvo to the crashing finale and will leave the listener exhausted but wanting more. Kory spits and snarls his way through the finest angst rock and punk that I’ve ever heard (period). This is unrelenting and uplifting from start to end. If I ever get tired of this CD it will be because I have died, simple as that. This is quite a masterclass in the genre – nobody can touch this for the intensity and feel good factor it literally drips in – Perfection!

5.0 out of 5 stars Punk Rock at its best,
I bought this album when it was first released and was very impressed. They don’t try and pretend to be something they obviously aren’t with the music. It is hard punk but with just a hint of a popstyle edge to it.
All in all I recommend this to anyone who has an interest in rock music.


5.0 out of 5 stars Punk with talent,
this is a truly great album and the only proof needed is the shivers up the spine you get from listening to it. there isn’t very much to draw attention to specifically, the band just seem to write great songs. Lets Get Wasted is a true anthem whether your a stoner or a drinker or both and it isn’t far off matching the “i’m pissed off and i want to get it off my chest” factor. i don’t know if you’ll like it once your past teen years, but thats because i haven’t got that far myself, but if your an angst ridden teen, you can do a lot better than nirvana, slipknot or that false manson bloke with this. this may be punk rock, but unlike most its great punk rock from the greatest punk rockers. but above all, its genuine.

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