WAR PIPES: s.t, 1st, debut CD. Bluesy Rock – Hard Rock. Check audio samples.


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excellent Rock, Hard Rock, Import.
Track listing
1. Rock and Roll Condition
2. Little Persuader
3. Dust on My Boots
4. Duty to Dance
5. Mr. 2 U
6. One Love True
7. Tear Jerker
8. Son of a Loaded Gun
9. Goodbye Kemo Sabe
10. Holes in the Heavens
11. Divided Heart
12. Back a Ma Buick

Duration   56:59

Producer: Davey Johnstone, Guy Babylon
War Pipes: Davey Johnstone (vocals, guitar); Bill Trudell (vocals); Guy Babylon (keyboards); Bob Birch (bass); Nigel Olsson (drums).
Recorded at North Hollywood Babylon and Cherokee Studios, Hollywood, California.
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Warpipes was formed and disbanded in 1991, but they did manage to record one album. It features various members of Eltons band – Davey Johnstone, Bob Birch, Guy Babylon and Nigel Olsson. The lead vocalist is Billy Trudel, who worked with Elton as a backing vocalist during the mid-80s.

While playing alongside other artists such as Meat Loaf and Alice Cooper during the late ’70s and early ’80s, underrated and terrific Scottish guitarist Davey Johnstone is mostly known for being Elton John’s main six-string man.
Around 1990, Johnstone started his own band named WARPIPES together with singer & lyricist Billy Trudel (later in Public Domain) who went on to sing backup for Elton as well, completing the line up with… two members of Elton John’s band too; keyboardist Guy Babylon and bassist Bob Birch.

In 1991, WarPipes released their only album ‘Holes In The Heavens’ to much critical acclaim on Davey Johnstone’s self-owned label Artful Balance Records. But the label folded not so long after, and the disc become almost impossible to find.
Fortunately, this great record was rescued in 2000 by Bridge Records in a revamped re-release simply entitled “War Pipes” (this time separated words). But it was really different from the original.
Three new tracks were added; “Little Persuader”, “Dust On My Boots” and “One Love True”, while the track “Satellite City” from the original edition was deleted. Also features a re-arranged tracklist and completely new artwork.

WAR PIPES - Warpipes (1991-2000) Holes In The Heavens back cover

‘Holes In The Heavens’ / ‘War Pipes’ was the vehicle for Davey Johnstone to rock, and rock intensively. Don’t expect Elton-like poppy tunes here, this is a terrific melodic hard rock album with a bluesy foundation in the vein of Walk on Fire, YA YA or Walk The Wire, this meaning: high quality AORish Melodic Rock of the highest order.
Not only Billy Trudel vocals are pure gold in a Steve Perry / Moon Calhoun style (Trudel was booked by Michael Thompson in an earlier version of MTB), also Davey Johnstone’s toneful, clean, killer sound & pickin’ are to die for.
I can’t find a weak song of this superbly produced album, ripped at maximum quality from the reissue but also including the discarded track “Satellite City” as bonus, to treasure WarPipes’ complete recordings.
Great One.

5.0 out of 5 stars
War Pipes first album mixes a very interesting blend of harder-edged mainstream rock with some soulful yet folksy ballads and a couple of “pop perfect” radio friendly tunes. Though they may sound a bit familiar, they all have some very unique twists and turns that make this a refreshing disc to listen to.
Although I am biased and will listen to anything that Davey Johnstone releases, I must admit that I was impressed with Billy Trudels voice and how he interprets Daveys songs, (most of them co-written with Steve Trudel) and helps to create a different sound for Eltons backing band of Davey, Nigel Olsson (a total musician that just happens to kick ass on drums), Bob Birch (rock steady on bass) and the subtly amazing Guy Babylon on keyboards.
The first half of the album rocks hard from the opening notes of “Rock and Roll Condition” – a familiar sounding cruising tune to the heavy handed chorus of “Little Persuader” and culminating with the thunderous blues tune called “Mr. 2 U” in which the band takes a unique approach to the chord progression, holding the listener at bay until they decide to move forward.
“One Love True” is a pop ballad that starts the second half of the disc. On “Tear Jerker” Billys passionate vocals wail with empathy for the title. “Divided Heart” reminds the listener of the very best of Journey with that big ballad, pop-perfect sound. “Back a ma Buick” is a funky, fun rocker that has a fresh yet familiar sound that would fit quite nicely being played on the car stereo.
The musicianship on this album is flawless and the intelligence of the compositions and production is so subtle that it takes a couple of listens through to thoroughly appreciate what these artists have created.
This album is a worthy first effort and it sounds like you all enjoyed doing it.

5.0 out of 5 stars Solid Rock with a beat and a twist
Far from the screaming and banging associated with hard rock, this group has lyrics that are understandable and acceptable, with a few cuss words. The music compliments the words admirably and the songs hold their own. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Overall a super enjoyable CD.

5.0 out of 5 stars Rock and Roll Perfection!
I’ve been telling people for years that Elton John had the best backing band in the business! Here they showcase their talents as a separate entity, and have created a masterpiece.

Davey Johnstones guitar is simply stunning; Nigel Olssons drumming as solid and distinctive as ever.

Bob Birchs bass and Guy Babylons keyboards are spot on, and Billy Trudel seems custom built for the vocals.

Regarding the songs; the previous reviewer has already summed each one up, and I would echo his comments. Each and every one is superb.

This is a rare album, in that all songs on it are of equal, high standard.

You will be hooked after the first few bars of “Rock and Roll Condition”;

after that, just sit back and enjoy perfection!

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