WALLS OF JERICHO: A Day And A Thousand Years CD 1999 Metalcore. Brutal female vocals. Check audio (all songs)


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Hardcore with a very brutal sounding female vocalist. Strongly influenced by the likes of Congress with some fast Nuclear Assault style riffing in places this is heavy and brutal with a female vocalist to beat the men into submission! Forget Earth Crisis, for intense vocals this is truly impressive.


Walls Of Jericho   A Day And A Thousand Years
Label: Eulogy Recordings   ER27
Format: CD, EP
Country: US
Released: 2002
Genre: Hardcore
1 A Day And The Thousand Years 1:42
2 Our Fate Ends 2:10
3 Athenian 1:56
4 Moment Of Thought 3:26
5 Why Father 2:10
6 Overpower 1:28
7 Collecting On A Debt 1:56
Barcode: 790168462726

5.0 out of 5 stars metalcore revolution.,
the first CD from these metal-core monsters. 7 tracks that cover some old school hardcore and mix it with the best bits of slayer. the production on this CD isn’t as good as their later albums but i think this may have been a demo to start with that got remastered and released but i am not sure but it is still an amazing CD. fans of slayer, xcanaanx, arkangel, ringworm, bird of ill omen and killswitch engage would defiantly appreciate this.


Commit the compromise.
Restricts our rights the education society gives us.
You establish with your advertised tables.
What gives you our rights?
Laws shouldn’t be put to what we read and hear.
Should nothing be said?
Shall we compromise?
Our freedom, our rights, your mind.
Tear down the walls.
What can break must be broken.
You have proven, one person can omit regulations.
That can control our freedoms, our rights, and your fucking mind.

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