WALK ON FIRE: Blind Faith 7″ Killer British A.O.R on MCA records. Check video. + Land of the Holy (unreleased elsewhere!!)


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Just an incredible song! awesome music, superb voice, catchy keyboards, great A.O.R.!

Alan King lead vocals [was involved in the soundtrack for the 1992 Sparticus musical by Jeff Wayne (who done War of the Worlds). It starred Anthony HopkinsCatherine Zeta-Jones (in her first recording role), FishLadysmith Black Mambazo, and of course Scots singer Alan King as Spartacus ]                                                                                                         Mike Casswell guitars (R..I.P) [Michael Casswell (1963 –  2016) was an English session guitarist who toured and recorded with artists including Brian MayJoe BonamassaSteve HackettWang ChungRonan KeatingRose RoyceCozy PowellTony HadleyGo WestDean FriedmanLimahl (Kajagoogoo), Rhinos Revenge Band and Marcus Malone].

John Henderson drums
David Cairns keyboards

The style is very similar to Journey/Survivor/Jimi Jamison.

Much underrated vinyl from Walk On Fire,great singer, great songs. This is a fantastic AOR disc – loads of hooks and fantastic keyboards and rockin guitars. Guitarist Mike Caswell was formerly in another great 80s A.O.R. band called ‘Heroes’. Anyways , this ranks right up there with BLVD and YA YA.

Yes, thats right: fantastic aor without any doubt!

A much underrated vinyl from a great song writer and artist Dave Cairns.In fact they did tour successfully but the record label went down just before their album was due to be promoted nationally.The quality of the tracks are outstanding and better than much of the crap promoted today. The lyrics and harmonies make this a vinyl to play when you need a lift.

This is good.Like a soft version of the band Strangeways…

Nice music to listen to especially if you’re vacationing on a private island or on a yacht. Overall, a very good record.

I must say that I like this one,maybe because I love Strangeways. A true Aor gem!!

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