VOODOMA: Dimension V 2004 CD. Self-produced RARE Melodic Heavy Metal from Germany. Check 6 minute sample


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Self-producted Hard Rock / Heavy Metal CD from Germany. They have incorporated some Heavy Metal passages, including acoustic guitars, piano and keyboards, so they try to differ from the usual Melodic Rock, which in view of the facelessness of many Melodic Rock bands is not the worst possible step to make. Already the opener is a bit more crunchy Hard Rock with good guitar work, some atmospheric keyboards and good vocals, which do not have the usual polished voice, but a strong organ that also has a bit of an edge, really good start! The band also brushes up their sound with Metal riffs, as in  Jesus Crime (The Second Time) , which is riffing is quite a bit heavier than the rest, giving the whole thing an own touch. Singer Micha manages to give the songs character with his expressive voice, a very good move, because also in the atmospheric ballad  Crucify Me  he truly delivers and the song is also nicely unkitschy. At times (in other songs) they shallow off a bit and does not grip as much, but that is not that big of a deal as if you might think. Here and there they also have some darker undertones of Metal.  Stronger (Far Away)  is an atmospheric Rocker with great chorus. All in all  Dimension   has turned out to be a really good album because the compositions show maturity and class!

[01] Salvation Calling 03:30
[02] Slave Of Light, King Of Dreams 06:16
[03] Never The Same 03:30
[04] Jesus Crime – The Second Time 03:28
[05] High Again 04:18
[06] Crucify Me 03:04
[07] Illusion Of Life 02:52
[08] Somewhere In Life 04:16
[09] Walking In Fear 03:23
[10] Stronger (Far Away) 04:43
[11] Thrill Me 03:28
[12] Bound 04:37
[13] Utopia 07:43
Playing time: 55:16

“”VOODOMA were founded in winter of 2002. After two demos the band released their debut album “”Dimension V”” in January 2004. Creating a style mixed of Melodic Heavy Metal the album was distributed by mailorder all over Europe an received really good reviews. The songs of the album were really catchy and brought the band many appearances on the radio and live gigs at festivals. As a peak of their previous career VOODOMA played live at the legendary Wacken Open Air 2004″”

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