VIRUS: Bio-Level 4 CD 1996 Canadian Industrial Metal a la Ministry. Very hard to find CD, rare! Check whole album (audio).


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Industrial Metal from Canada (Ottawa, Ontario)

Full-length, Fringe Records 1996
Recorded by Marty Jones at Sound of One Hand Studio
1. Borderline 01:24
2. Syndrome 02:26
3. At War 03:24
4. Bio-Level 4 03:34
5. Tainted 03:33
6. The Mutant Factor 04:14
7. Second Skin 03:31
8. New Breed Machine 05:49
9. Necrotech 03:49
10. Bleeding 05:54
11. Unit 01:19
12. Anti-Matter 04:40
13. Syndrome (Remix) 02:25
14. (Hidden Track) 02:47
Total playing time 48:50

Dino Falsetti Bass
Carl Gervais Drums
See also: ex-Dead Calm, ex-Drillpoint
Myles Rourke Guitars
See also: ex-Drillpoint
J.C. Roy Guitars, Vocals
See also: ex-Zealous Witness

Virus was formed in 1994. The mutual dream of an Industrial/Metal release was realised after the recording of the first Virus demo. The demo landed them a Canada-wide/European distribution deal with Fringe Product in Toronto. With support from John Tennant, host of 106.9 The Bears “Hard Attack”, Virus’ 1996 debut CD “Bio Level-4” was met with a warm welcome by local Ottawa fans, selling-out their CD release party, the bands first live show.
Their only release “Bio- Level 4” was recorded at Sound of One Hand Studios in Ottawa and was met with rave reviews locally and worldwide, but shortly after its release Fringe Product went bankrupt, thus making the album extremely rare and hard to find.