VERY WICKED: Creation of God CD. Sold out / Rare. self-released in 2000. German Death Metal. Check samples


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Full-length, self-released
March 2000
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Label: Independent

1. Reredrum (Intro) 00:22
2. Creation of God 02:12
3. Infernal Coitus 03:45
4. I Like It to Kill 04:35
5. Sacrafice 02:05
6. Murderer 04:41
7. Breastfuck 02:54
8. Christ Hunt Record 01:31
9. Hate 03:24

Creation of God Reviews:

Eternity Magazine
Because with Very Wicked from Wolfsburg there is another Death Metal hopeful representative of very good brutal music. The stuff is simply powerful in the face and does not look unnecessarily complicated but sounds pleasing relatively quickly in the ear. Has interesting vocal diversity in terms of grunts. (partially the over-cutting voices and the change from deeper, more brutal grunts, plus growls highly aggressive parallel to the changes of tempo bring a neat feeling and is very captivating). For a debut album, the songs are already very mature, songs like Hate (a brilliant exchange aggressive to slow, doomy parts!) Speak Infernal coitus or Creation Of God are a must for any Death Metal fan.

[Das Zeug geht einfach mächtig in die Fresse und wirkt nicht unnötig verkompliziert sondern setzt sich relativ schnell im Ohr fest, was wohl den Vorteil hat, dass diese Band live sehr motivierend wirkt].


This CD constantly rotates in my CD player. This is a great Wolfsburg quintet with an American Death Metal style / mix of older stuff like MORBID ANGEL, INCANTATION and newer stuff like NILE, DYING FETUS and crucially…a terrific production. Here every instrument can be heard clearly and really well, which is not the case for very many productions. Fat double bass, fast thrashy riffing and very cool varied grunts!

[Einfach geil, was sich der Wolfsburger Fünfer hier erlaubt hat! Amerikanisch geprägter Death Metal, der für mich eine Mischung aus älteren Sachen wie MORBID ANGEL, INCANTATION und neueren Sachen wie NILE, DYING FETUS ist und mit einer grandiosen Produktion aufwarten kann].

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