VALLEY`S EVE: The Atmosphere Of Silence CD. Killer Power Progressive Metal. Signed / autographed. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


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Melodic Progressive/Power Metal band (Featuring Mystic Prophecy Members!) from Germanys Rare 2nd full-length CD. Released on B-Mind Records in 1999.

Line up:
R.D.Liapakis: vocals(Mystic Prophecy)
Mario Cavasin: guitars
Martin Albrecht: bass(Mystic Prophecy, Stormwitch, Rough, Börn Again)
Markus Krings: drums
Tony Mang: keyboards

The German band VALLEYs EVE, already heroes in the German (prog) metal underground because of their debut CD “prodigia”, signed to B. Mind Records released their new album “The atmosphere of silence.” VALLEYs EVE managed to top their acclaimed debut CD by far … the band has become heavier, more progmetallic, more powerful, more dramatic, more varied and even experimented with sequencers and synthesizers a few times (in other efficient way). On “The atmosphere …” you get prog metal band riffs, mighty double bass drums, dramatic keyboards and good vocals. The vocals are good. A big step for Valleys Eve on their way to higher regions.

Prog metal band riffs, powerful double-bass-drum salvos, dramatic keyboards, but also sensitive elements burrow their way into the market, often enlivened by atmosphaere synth / keyboard intros and Intermezzis. VALLEYs EVE are tougher, more mature, become more diverse, and yet remain dry and comfortable and independent as well as to “prodigia. Songs like When Sun and stars refuse to shine, A Raven Beside Me and My last breath to prove this convincingly.

VALLEYs EVE are harder, atmospheric, thrilling and prog metal band has become. With “The atmosphere of silence” to create VALLEYs EVE other valuable breeding ground on the way into the upper ranks.

Track list;
1. Religion War 04:48
2. Room of Answers 04:02
3. My Last Breath 04:08
4. When Sun and Stars Refuse to Shine 05:57
5. A Raven Beside Me 06:11
6. Humans Load 06:03
7. Place of Nightmares 06:48
8. Close Your Eyes 02:59
9. Nostalgia 03:40
10. Power of Soul 04:34
11. My Inner Vision 05:49
Total playing time 54:59

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