VALLEY`S EVE: Prodigia CD (sealed) Mystic Prophecy, Stormwitch members 70 min. of Power Progressive Metal.
VALLEY`S EVE: Prodigia CD (sealed) Mystic Prophecy, Stormwitch members 70 min. of Power Progressive Metal.
VALLEY`S EVE: Prodigia CD (sealed) Mystic Prophecy, Stormwitch members 70 min. of Power Progressive Metal.

VALLEY`S EVE: Prodigia CD (sealed) Mystic Prophecy, Stormwitch members 70 min. of Power Progressive Metal.


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released by MIEZ RECORDS/ZYX (Sealed copy).
Bombastic Power Prog. Vanden Plas meets Savatage

Progressive Metal from Germany (Bad Grönenbach, Bavaria)

R.D. Liapakis – Vocals (Mystic Prophecy)
Frank Pané – Guitar (Red to Grey, Solemnity, Burn (Deu))
Martin Albrecht – Bass & Keyboards (Mystic Prophecy, Stormwitch, Rough, Börn Again)
Frank Huber – Drums (Casus Belli (Grc), Trace, Triple X (Deu))

Conclusievely convincing slice of prog-metal from Germany. Not only because of the piano-vocal-end tracks and saxophone during the quest Ulterior sometimes blows the mood of Queensryches “Promised Land”. The 70 minutes show: Valleys Eve have their distinctive style, the songs are catchy and also the sophisticated and powerful sound collecting Plus points.

The album:
The opener Escape rocks like the real thing. For an impressive intro goes into a song about carrying, the intro theme is picked up on several occasions. Here already is becoming apparent that with prog-metal complex songorientiertem has to do it, which is technology-and soligepfefferten discs like Symphony X and Co-Frick learning distance of (which does not mean that I can not from something!).

Stigmata reminds me in terms of rhythm and vocal melody slightly apart) to Merlons (from the metal content, especially of the choruses. The track sounds somehow slightly oriental influences and lives mainly on the basis of which the rhythm section.

Exciting Keyboard Strings (brass or should that be?) Interspersed with staccato guitar Aggresso-guided driving the self-proclaimed messiah , and deny the song continues. The latest on this song remembers the attentive audience that all the instruments (through the entire album away) make absolutely compelling work. Also appeared on this track for the first time in a womans voice, which anyway the varied track a bit better even more.

Ulterior quest stunned with a rich diversity, the dark and powerful melodic ranges from … a contrast that with the exchange and interplay of keyboards and saxophone is still supported all before.

Amnesia kicks off like Dream Theaters “Glass Moon” (gripping awesome!) and then turns into a song with the vocal lines, I can not get used before and after … and the reason for fatigue also makes.

Dark and slow, it goes to Dawn of tears to the point … after 2 minutes but do with me again wide boredom. Unconscious and Misconception can then happily forget all the boredom, because here you can experience as smooth and metallic pasage Trivial is then again, totally inspiring location in the. Groovy bass backed by any spy movie-like strings and driving riffs that in an interesting way of oblique harp sounds on the keyboard to be resolved to end.

Progressive Power Metal brings Last question, which also use the piano can be particularly enthusiastic. After 2 minutes, then arises as at the beginning, the question whether anyone with Metallica guys grew up from the, because the riff sounds like hell to show up here, “Wherever I May Roam” (quoted but somehow appropriate). Nevertheless, a compelling prog-metal blast.

Also Eleftheria goes immediately into the blood … awesome, the main part of the track undeniable distorted speaking vocals. In contrast, this latest track is the almost always accurate vocals on it.

Perishable has pretty much the average level and the final beverage of life shows that the piano and singing will not be enough to end to bring about a meditative album enjoyable.

1. Escape 06:25
2. Stigmata 04:15
3. Self Proclaimed Messiah 04:03
4. Ulterior Quest 05:14
5. Amnesia 07:33
6. Dawn on Tears 04:36
7. Unconscious 04:45
8. Misconception 05:18
9. Trivial 05:42
10. Last Question 06:12
11. Eleftheria 06:23
12. Perishable 05:15
13. Beverage of Life 04:11
Total playing time 01:09:52

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