VADER: Revelations CD PROMO 2002. Polish death metal Masterpiece. Check audio.


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Revelations is an album by Polish death metal band Vader. It features guest appearances from two Polish metal musicians: Nergal of Behemoth provides vocals on the track “Whisper”, and Ureck of Lux Occulta plays keyboards on “Torch of War” and “Revelation of Black Moses”.

Vader Revelations
Label: Metal Blade Records 3984-14411-2
Format: CD, Album PROMO
Country: Europe
Released: 03 Jun 2002
Genre: Death Metal
1 Epitaph 3:44 Lyrics By Lukasz Szurminski
2 The Nomad 3:50 Lyrics By Pawel Frelik
3 Wolftribe 2:25 Lyrics By Lukasz Szurminski
4 Whisper 3:26 Lyrics By £ukasz Szurminski*
5 When Darkness Calls 5:16 Lyrics By Lukasz Szurminski
6 Torch Of War 2:45 Lyrics By Lukasz Szurminski
7 The Code 2:24 Lyrics By Lukasz Szurminski
8 Lukewarm Race 2:26 Lyrics By Pawel Frelik
9 Revelation Of Black Moses 6:56  Lyrics By Pawel Frelik

Backing Vocals Nergal (Behemoth)* (tracks: 4)
Bass Simon
Drums Doc
Guitar Mauser
Guitar, Vocals Peter*
Keyboards Ureck (Lux Occulta)* (tracks: 6, 9)

Recorded and mixed at Red Studio, Gdansk, February/March 2002.

We thank all those who have made VADER possible and whom VADER made possible. Stay powerful, creative, joyous and free!!!

Barcode: 03984-14411-23

Revelations will not disappoint any Vader fans. This Polish band is one of those groups that have made a career out of playing the same song over and over again. You know, just as groups like AC/DC, Motorhead, Bolt Thrower and Marduk. But somehow these songs that seem identical to the non-devotee are entirely different to the fanatic of the band; and straying from the tried-and-true formula would result in feelings approaching sadness.

The first two songs on this disk sound like Vader, but there is a total absence of blast beats. Based on the songs from the groups previous recording, the MCD Reign Forever World, it seemed that Vader may be headed toward a more mid-paced approach.

Come song three, things are back to normal. Drummer Doc has the best blast beat in all of death metal, and denying him the possibility to blast to a maximum is a crying shame. As usual, Vader constructs its songs in the same basic fashion, and using the same three or four recycled beats. But who fucking cares/?

The production has been improved in that the balance of the drums, and particular the bass drum, is much more fitting for a death metal record. The guitar solos also are getting better in that its not always the same erratic noise bursts followed by frantic whinnying. This time around there’s actually some foraying into melodic territory.

Vader is one of the best death metal bands ever. Any word of a new album or a chance to see this great band live again will always bring tremendous joy to this writer. The release of Revelations is no exception. De Profundis may be Vaders best record, and Black to the Blind may be its fastest, but damn it, there’s room for this new album and every one that will follow. Hail for ever and ever.
This is probably my favorite from them. Not as heavy or as brutal as Litany, but excellent technically makes this release from Vader my personal favorite release by them. The vocals are awesome, the speed is excellent, the guitars are crushing, well I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t already have this CD if they claim they like Death Metal. Oh and this CD has some sort of atmosphere to it, and makes it feel all sci-fi and apocalyptic. Its amazing!
This is THE business!!!
This is an absolute classic and is one of my ‘most played’ Death Metal CDs … and for good reason …
As soon as the opening track gets under way the listener soon becomes aware that THIS band MEANS business! And, it seems, the core of the band (Peter and Doc) have been doing the business for quite a number of years now. It certainly shows in the quality of the musicianship and production … long may they continue!

Solid bass, blistering guitar leads, an artillery of drum fire and Peter on Throat – his awesome power (and slight accent) gives something extra special to the music …

I rate this alongside Malevolent Creations ‘Eternal’ as an absolute ‘must have’

Highlights? Epitaph, The Nomad, When Darkness Calls, The Code … the whole damned album!
Another Vader Masterpiece!
What else do you want me to say besides Vader? This Polish death metal band has impressed us with every new CD that has came out. I have their last 5 cds and i can say that each one either beats the one before it or it is just as incredible as the ones prior to it. Vader is one of the best bands out there today, and one of the most experienced at that. Doc, Vaders drummer, continues to put listeners into awe with his rhythmatical and fast blast beats and fills, he is by far one of the best drummers out there! This cd is way worth the $15 or whatever you pay for it, it is definitely one of Vaders best cds, and it is one of my personal favorites. Another plus to this cd is Mauser, the guitarist, he is also one of the best in the death metal world. He is amazingly fast and he continues to keep his rhythm. Peter is one of my favorite vocalists in death metal, he has a very deep voice and he uses it well. His voice definitely fits this band better than anyone would. For the love of all that is sacred, BUY this CD, it is one of the best things that could happen to you, so just do it!

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