VADER: Blood CD EP, Enhanced 27 minutes of Killer Death Metal. Great Thin Lizzy cover.


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Blood is an EP by the Polish death metal band Vader. It was released on September 22, 2003 in Europe via Metal Blade

Metal Blade Records ‎– 3984-14461-2
CD, Mini-Album, EP, Enhanced

It is something of a tradition for Vader to release a mini-album between each studio album proper. Its easy to feel a little cynical about how they arrived at the tracklisting for Blood, as out of the 7 songs 2 have previously been issued elsewhere, 3 were recorded during the Revelations sessions so could easily have appeared on that album, leaving only 2 genuine ‘new’ tracks. Of the 2 new songs opener Shape-Shifting is the better, being a ferociously paced track, while We Wait is a little more of a mid-tempo plodder. Son of Fire (no, not a Slayer cover) was issued as the bonus track on the digipak release of Revelations, whilst When Darkness Calls is simply lifted straight off of the album. The 3 remaining tracks are 2 blastbeat orientated originals, and a cover of Angel of Death (again, not the expected Slayer, but a Thin Lizzy cover). Its easy to think of this as a cynical way for the band to earn a quick buck, but its impossible to fault the quality of the music – this is great solid death metal in the Vader style.
(NB – Beware the import version thats coupled with Reign Forever World – it looks like a bargain but is missing the Angel of Death track.)

Piotr “Peter” Wiwczarek – Guitar and Vocals
Marcin “Novy” Nowak – Bbass
Maurycy “Mauser” Stafanowicz – Guitar
Krzysztof “Doc” Raczkowski – Drums

1. Shape-Shifting 04:49
2. We Wait 03:54
3. As the Fallen Rise 02:12
4. Son of Fire 02:09     Track #4 was a bonus to the limited edition of “Revelations”.
5. Traveler 02:06
6. When Darkness Calls 05:17      Track #6 is from “Revelations”.
7. Angel of Death (Thin Lizzy cover) 06:29
Track #6-7 comes from the “Angel of Death” single.
Total playing time 26:56

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