URTO Numbers CD. speed / thrash metal with clean power metal vocals.


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Urto – Numbers

These recordings by Urto were made two years ago and therefore I ask myself why it took so long for Numbers to see the light of day. Never mind, even if it took ten years to release this shit, I still would be delighted to hear Bugger Off, Hitlerosevic, Freedom, The Second Coming, Numbers and Full Heavy Metal Jacket, because this old fashioned speed metal with clean power metal vocals for sure is worth a listen. Lyrically, the band seems to be highly inspired by Jello Biafra, for the reason that there are lyrics about terrorism, pacifism and capitalism. The booklet also is enthused by the former Dead Kennedys singer.
I suppose these Italians are around quite some time now, because the songs are well structured, the musicians play really fine and vocalist Alessandro Olivos contributions really fit this kind of music.

Music genre Thrash Metal
Running time 34:40
1. Urto Bugger off (6:10)
2. Urto Hitlerosevic (6:11)
3. Urto Freedom (5:41)
4. Urto The second coming (The original shit) (9:48)
5. Urto Numbers (0:51)
6. Urto Full heavy metal jacket (5:59)

URTO are hailing from Italy and the five-piece plays a more than thorough load of mid-/end-eighties Thrash Metal. The band formed themselves near a small dump which was already allowed to witness the birth of NUCLEAR SYMPHONY. And this groups sound (album “Lost In Wonderland via Steamhammer Records) might have inspired URTO mightily. But various English bands surely stood godfather to the Numbers album, too.

So the band starts blazing with the freshness and unconcern of old ACID REIGN and RE-ANIMATOR and lets parallels to PARIAH be recognized in their song constructions. The music is certainly not easy to consume, but there are countless ideas on the disc. However the songs always stay nicely fluid and offer long-lasting listening pleasure. But those who prefer the dull and ultra brutal wave of Thrash Metal or are rather interested in a more modern sound, should absolutely stay away from this.

The singing is somewhat similar to Romme Keymer in times of ANGEL DUSTs “Into The Dark Past and the production has turned out to be quite thick yet 80s-like. Lyrically the bands acts on the socially critical line, and why not, after all it doesnt have to deal with fantasy crap all the time, does it? Damn good disc which should appeal to any old school Thrasher after a few spins.

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