UNWELCOME: Independent worm Songs CD Promo. noise-hardcore-punk-pop-free-jazz. !


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Unwelcome is music for your body, mind and soul. Its food and blood and skin and meat and nerves and… all you have to do is to open the doors to emotion. The only possible way is in contamination. The TRUE one: “noise-hardcore-punk-pop-free-jazz-bla-bla-bla-bla”? Perhaps. But “SPACE-CORE” is its real name. Definitely. Turn your eyes to the SKY… beacons from the space. It reverberates of acquaintances… sidereal distances that all they charm. Insolent people. BE yourself or DIE. MUCH better for all. INDEE. in UNWELCOME music theres never too much of anything. Its not like theres a real heavy song and then a real soft song. Each song contains many different levels. UNWELCOME refuses to be pidgeonholed sonically, and also loves to remain abstract lyrically, prefering to express the feelings more in a stream-of-consciousness fashion. UNWELCOME never stops enough to be pinned down, which definitely deeps things interesting. It will always be faster than you. The music is nothing short of a complete aural rush. You’d better check your pulse!

Unwelcome – Independent Worm Songs
10 tracks
46:42 min

01. Tsunami
02. Happy Birthday
03. Tell a number
04. #1 (Guitar Masturbations)
05. Electric wave kids
06. Megaplastium
07. My Love
08. A fine example
09. How to make $
10. #2 (Piano Stimulations)
11. Alternative Suckers wille rule !?!

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