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Formed in 2001 by members who were no older than 15-16 at the time, UNSANCTUM have shown that they are capable of breeding a hatred for everything pop since the very beginning. With Mick Kenny (ANAAL NATHRAKH, MISTRESS) behind them, they anxiously recorded this debut album.
Some of their influences include bands such as MAYHEM, EMPEROR, DIMMU BORGIR, and SLAYER, all of which are evident in their sound. There are many young metal bands out there today, some of them good and some of them not so good. With their roaring mix of Hardcore and Deathcore, UNSANCTUM are well on their way to declaring themselves as one of the greats.

As far as aspects which stand out on “Ignite The Skies”, I definitely have to go with Toms vocals. Extremely rigorous, not a second goes by that he doesn’t sound like his vocal chords are on the verge of ripping themselves in half, of course, this should be taken as a compliment. Sean, I find is very precise and is well on his way to becoming an accomplished drummer. Whilst, Pauls sound is reminiscent of older works by METALLICA.

UNSANCTUM raise an uncanny amount of hell on this album, and I am anxious to see what the future holds for them


Produced by Mick ‘Irrumator’ Kenny of Anaal Nathrakh & Frost etc., who also did the cover art.
1. The Chaosborn 03:34
2. Forests Of The Burning Darkness 02:36
3. The Laceration 02:50
4. Dawn The Black Winds 02:59
5. Ignite The Skies 02:54
6. As The Ruin Falls 02:47
7. Shadows Of Diligence 02:34
8. New Maps Of Hell 02:43
9. Serpent 02:41
10. Every Waking Moment Dies 03:19
11. Beneath The Fire 04:24
Total playing time 33:21

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