UNLEASH THE DOG: Matter of time CD 1996. check exclusive videos! RARE top Heavy metal / Hard Rock!


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CD, released date : 1996 – Communique

Modern (well, modern for 1996 of course) sounding Metal. Very good recording, production, singing, drumming, guitars, bass…….just about everything rules. A la OLIVER MAGNUM, OVERKILL, MYSTIC FORCE, BREAKER, LETHAL, THRUST, DESTRUCTOR???

+ exclusive video

1. Unleash the Dog
2. Matter of Time
3. Hard, Fast & Dirty
4. Lonely Linda
5. The Man
6. Lost    [Check edited version of the song, stops before the guitar solo    https://vocaroo.com/i/s1EuaPS5HAge          or      http://chirb.it/rc3KeB                    or       https://picosong.com/wJgGs     ]
7. Pushin’ Up Roses
8. Tease
9. Angry
10. Holy Cost
11. You Don’t Know
12. Get Off
13. Show Me

Danny Cahill : Vocals, Bass
John Flanagan : Drums
Bob Morris : Vocals, Guitar