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Geffery Morgan is the fifth studio album by UB40. Released in October 1984, it takes its title from a piece of chalk graffiti on a wall: “Geffery Morgan…loves white girls”. Following the huge success of their covers album, Labour of Love, all tracks on this album are self-penned. The album contained the hit “If It Happens Again”, which reached #9 in the UK charts.

Track listing:
“Riddle Me” – 3:57
“As Always You Were Wrong Again” – 3:37
“If It Happens Again” – 3:44
“D.U.B.” – 4:52
“The Pillow” – 3:26
“Nkomo-A-Go-Go” – 3:06
“Seasons” – 3:48
“You’re Not an Army” – 3:46
“I’m Not Fooled So Easily” – 4:14
“Your Eyes Were Open” – 5:00

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