TYGERS OF PAN TANG: On the Prowl (The best of) CD. Top NWOBHM. Check audio


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Wow, this is fucking awesome. Classic heavy metal right? here.

Track Listings
1. Don’t Touch Me There – Tygers Of Pan Tang
2. Slave To Freedom – Tygers Of Pan Tang
3. Suzie Smiled – Tygers Of Pan Tang
4. Insanity – Chris Tsangarides, Tygers Of Pan Tang
5. Hellbound – Chris Tsangarides, Tygers Of Pan Tang
6. Mirror – Chris Tsangarides, Tygers Of Pan Tang
7. Silver And Gold – Chris Tsangarides, Tygers Of Pan Tang
8. The Story So Far – Chris Tsangarides, Tygers Of Pan Tang
9. Don’t Stop By – Chris Tsangarides, Tygers Of Pan Tang
10. Love Don’t Stay – Tygers Of Pan Tang
11. Running Out Of Time – Tygers Of Pan Tang
12. Crazy Nights – Tygers Of Pan Tang
13. Make A Stand – Tygers Of Pan Tang
14. Love Potion No 9 – Tygers Of Pan Tang
15. Rendezvous – Tygers Of Pan Tang
16. Lonely At The Top – Tygers Of Pan Tang
17. Paris By Air – Tygers Of Pan Tang
18. Danger In Paradise – Tygers Of Pan Tang

Compilation with the finest recordings by this NWOBHM act from the late ’70s/ early ’80s that featured John Sykes long before he was in Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake or Blue Murder. 18 tracks, including the singles ‘Hellbound’, ‘Love Potion No.9’, ‘Rendezvous’ and ‘Paris By Air’. 1999 release.

5.0 out of 5 stars Spellbound – Hellbound – Heading for the Ground,
All these tracks take me back to the good old days of NWOBHM. What first attracted me to the TOPT was the album cover for Spellbound. Who could forget that striking blue and white art work with the Tiger on the prowl! All the classic John Sykes stuff is on here. The band really came into its own when Sykes joined them for the Spellbound album. The haunting guitar melodies on Don’t Stop By and Mirror are sheer genius. Crazy Nights was the third album, a more harder edged sound with tracks here like Love Don’t Stay and Running Out of Time continuing to demonstrate Sykes creative abilities on the axe. Sykes left to join Thin Lizzy and I thought all was lost, but in Fred Purser the group looked stateside and produced their best album yet – The Cage. The most commercial set of tracks the band had produced. The awesome Rendezvous taking on a Def Leppard electronic drum beat, the melodic Paris By Air [strange lyrics] but yet memorable mix of guitar and keyboards but the best track, which I played continuously as a spotty teenager was the old Leiber & Stoller classic Love Potion Number Nine. 2 minutes and 7 seconds of kick ass, in yer face rock – just turn this one up! TOPT, great memories, different from the run of the mill metal. Buy this, it’ll make you grin.

Well here you have it – the complete pre revival Tygers collection that covers their glory NWOBHM early 80s music.
Its all here and its ll top notch rock/metal not one naff track, if you want the best of the Tygers this is it.

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