TYGERS OF PAN TANG: Noises from The Cathouse CD (Communique 2004). Like the “Wild Cat” album.


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TYGERS OF PAN TANG: (2004) Noises from The Cathouse (Communique)
Noises From The Cathouse, the 2004 release from the Tygers Of Pan Tang is a very good hard rock album. To me, a fan of the Tygers since the early eighties, it reminds me alot of the Wild Cat album. It is a harder album then some of their past albums, such as The Cage and The Wreck-Age. Godspeak and Highspeed Highway Superman are the two best songs. If you are a fan of The Tygers Of Pan Tang, or of good hard rock I suggest you buy this CD.


Samples:  https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/noises-from-the-cathouse/id78819593

1. Boomerang
2. Godspeak
3. Master Of Illusion
4. Highspeed Highway Superman  www.amazon.co.uk/Highspeed-Highway-Superman-wheeled-version/dp/B005BREY4U
5. The Spirit Never Dies
6. Cybernation
7. Deja Vu
8. Bad Bad Kitty
9. Running Man
10. Three In a Bed

Craig Ellis drums
Dean Robertson guitar
Robb Weir guitar
Brian West bass [Brian West also performed on the D’Priest “Playa Del Rock” album and 4 London albums too. (“Don’t Cry Wolf”, “Non-Stop Rock”, Playa Del Rock”, “The Metal Years”)]
Richie Wicks vocals

This could be the best CD the band have ever done. It combines the best of old and new. excellent.

Really good album that remains rocking throughout. The last track “3 in a bed” is pure Roth era Van Halen! Fave trax: Boomerang, Master of Illusion, Running Mann, Cybernation. It is probably the best album they’ve done.

Hey! Here it is. NWOBHM is back. It sounds a little more modern, but what the hell! straight guitar, crystal singer and very good compositions! BUY!

This is by far their finest hour – totally impressed. Very well done – kinda surprised. Straight ahead guitar driver rock.

This ain’t what we can call the typical TOPT sound(some songs have a Uriah Heep atmosphere which is good but the Tygers don’t need 2 do that because they are pretty original by themselves)…anyway about the tracks “Boomerang”,”Highspeed Highway Superman”,”Bad Bad Kitty” & “Running Man” are the ones that caught my attention… recommended!


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