T.S.O.L: Hit and Run LP – Glam Rock Heavy Metal. Check audio


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Music Genre: Glam Rock Metal Music

Collector info: Although TSOL is know to be a hardcore punk band, this album is definitely Glam Rock Heavy Metal

Record Label: Enigma 3263
Record Format 12″” LP
Year & Country 1987 Made in Holland

T.S.O.L True Sounds of Liberty – Hit and Run

The band became friends with Guns N’ Roses and TSOL t-shirts can be seen in the GNR video for “”Sweet Child o’ Mine””. They followed up with an album in a similar style, titled Hit and Run. Before it was released, original guitarist Ron Emory quit the band, leaving Mike Roche as the sole original member.

Side One:
It Too Late
Road of Gold
The Name is Love
Good Morning Blues

Side Two:
Hit and Run
Not Alone Anymore
Stay with Me
Where Did I Go Wrong
You can Thy

this is actually a fairly underrated album, its pretty good actually, some good songs are “”its too late”” “”not alone any-more”” “”dreamer”” and “”the name is love””. Pick this album up.
Axel Rose favourite band. They started out as a punk band with their first singer. When Joe Wood joined they played good, gritty R N R. This is a strong album. “”Dreamer”” is a good ballad and the title track is a killer rock song.
GREAT album!! Don’t ever listen to anyone who hates this album and loves their lame punk albums. I hate crappy 2 minute punks songs about some lame polical issue. I’ll take this dumbed down sleazely party album anyday over their minimal punk albums. Great raspy vocals and rocking tunes. Awesomely simple. Hard to come by.. get it if you find it.
pretty good LP; they looked pretty cool and they sound cool i like the songs dreamer and it too late and you can try.
Gosh i missed the vinyl many many years ago and now it hard to find. I suppose this is kinda of a collector item.
They were a classic punk band, with a style all their own. Anybody who thinks they make “”2 minute punk songs”” obviously haven’t heard some of their songs with piano and other instruments. The singers voice was rather interesting as well, not your usual punk screamer. Yes, I like goth and punk as well as glam, I always have, and have never understood people limiting themselves to one genre. In the 80 we were all outcasts, part of the same scene. The division you have today didn’t really exist then.
Finally i got myself this album!!!..after many years i have it in my hands…without being a TSOL fan myself (probably a regular one)i’ve always felt curiosity about them especially i have always focused in this release Hit & Run (i was lucky in finding Strange Love and the Best of,both of them recommended ones)but now that i got this one…the so called “”punk”” album…in fact this ain’t a real punk album in its sense but a hybrid of punk ,hard rock, Glam and dark..the attitude probably is punk but musically talking it has different approaches..a mixture of The Stooges,Iggy Pop,The Cult(voice alike)and Killing joke
…also the Ramones could fit in that bag..the band for sure has become, among the underground circuit, a cult band that undoubtedly and unquestionable! now about the songs,good ones,and as i said for different tastes…””It Too Late””,””Road Of Gold””,””The Name Is Love””(pretty cool song kinda glammy),””Good Morning Blues””(with a sax included!)& “”Hit And Run”” are enjoyable ones!.Get this album.84/100

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