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Trouble – Manic Frustration
Label: Def American Recordings – 4-26837
Format: Cassette, Album
Country: US
Released: 1992
Stoner Rock, Hard Rock, Psychedelic Rock

A1 Come Touch The Sky 2:54
A2 Scuse Me 3:25
A3 The Sleeper 3:14
A4 Fear 3:38
A5 Rain 4:17
A6 Tragedy Man 4:17
B1 Memory Garden 4:24
B2 Manic Frustration 4:10
B3 Hello Strawberry Skies 3:04
B4 Mr. White 3:26
B5 Breathe 6:30

Art Direction – Kim Champagne
Artwork By [Front Cover Illustration] – Jean-Francois Podevin
Bass – Ron Holzner
Drums – Barry Stern
Engineer – Brendan O’Brien, Chris Kupper
Guitar – Bruce Franklin, Rick Wartell
Keyboards – Rick Seratte
Mastered By – Howie Weinberg
Mixed By – Dave Sardy
Other [Vocal Guidance And Inspiration] – Gary Hoey, Ron Anderson
Producer – Rick Rubin, Trouble
Vocals – Eric Wagner

? 1992 Def American Recordings Inc.
© 1992 Def American Recordings Inc.
Manufactured and distributed by Phonogram Limited.
Barcode and Other Identifiers?
Barcode: 731451255625
Matrix / Runout: 512 556-2 01
Other (Label Code): LC 7181
Other (Rights Societies): B.I.E.M. STEMRA


Track Listings
1. Come Touch the Sky
2. cuse Me
3. Sleeper
4. Fear
5. Rain
6. Tragedy Man
7. Memory Garden
8. Manic Frustration
9. Hello Strawberry Skies
10. Mr. White
11. Breathe…

Well, this is a Trouble record that reveals a lot of experience and sharpness. A very mature guitar playing with both blues and doom-feeling for a grown-up listener. It is so obvious that these musicians have been around for some time! All the players know their instrument and together they come up with some of the strongest Trouble-material ever! Please listen!!

Why has this band not become huge? This tape still gets played at shows between bands or during stage set-up. Symphony X and UFO shows lately and for good reason, it ROCKS. “Come touch the Sky” kicks this off and it is just a heavy and catchy riff. Along the lines of “Toys in The attic” or “Daytripper” but much heavier and distorted. Then there is no looking back. Eric Wagner voice just complements this music so well. It is just a shame the rest of the world or at least the US never really picked up on these guys. I just played this in it entirety again last night. I have owned this for over a decade. It is that good. It appears this is stuck in the cult following but so many people love this, go figure. BUY IT NOW!

5.0 out of 5 stars the move away from doom contiunues, but it still terrific,
This albums marks the first clear-cut move away from doom for Trouble. There is still enough of a doom vibe there for one to say they are a doom-influenced band, but you wouldn’t think that if you didn’t already have it in your mind that they were a doom band, based on their earlier material. Still, the proof that this is good–really good–is that i saw a video for it (Memory Garden), and despite being a huge Trouble fan, I had no idea the video was for Trouble–but I thought the song I was hearing was really good. It struck me as some of the better earlier Soundgarden stuff, but in no way playing the copycat.

That said, this album definitely has a grunge element, BUT in no way does it come off as a bandwagon-jumping affair. If anything, this sounds like Trouble showing their 70s influences they had from way back but had never shown clearly before, and doing it so well that they seemed to resemble grunge bands. But really, they resemble grunge from a common link, and not because of any intetnional mimicry (besides, this is way fresher and truer than 95% of the grunge out there.)

Now, in a way I am contradicting myself with this rating, because I only gave the self-titled album 4 stars (though I think maybe it deserved 5), and I may like it better than this, and I’m giving this 5. But let me explain. This album marks a move in a clearly different direction. It still has the chunky guitar lines that signify Trouble, and the unmistakable Wagner vocals (which come closer than ever to Plant here). My explanation for this, is that the self-titled album was still doom enough for me to judge it on doom terms, and, as i said in that review, the doom wasn’t as overpowering as on the first two albums (though the 4th was true-blue heavy ROCK, make no mistakes about it). This album is more of a tinge of grunge meets the Trouble chugging guitars, basted all over with very well-done, and diverse, 70s heavyweights. For the first time, Zeppelin shines through (especially in vocals and guitars), Hendrix is a serious influence, and Cream, Purple, the heavier Doors, and others get a nod. But they are only influences; Trouble blends elements and makes them their own, and it less derivative than the earlier (though phenomenal) Sabbath celebrations of the first two albums.

There is one mellow song (but not really a ballad), a couple flirt with melancholy, all the others rock out. But it all comes off as natural, and every style has enough in common with the others to seem like a true display of creativity rather than a mish-mash of styles for the sake of proving “”diversity.”” It has a family rsemblence to the grunge of the time, but in no way caters to the trends of the scene. In fact, what makes me respect this work so much is that it runs the risk of being mistaken as a grunge bandwagon-jumper, because it has that sludge and chug mixed with the 70s, but it clear that Trouble is doing what they really love, and have always respected, and weren’t going to hold back from developing their style just because people might accuse them of “”selling out.”” If you only like pounding doom, this may disappoint, but if you judge it on its own terms for what it is, it is an excellent album.

Lastly, The lyrics move entirely away from any religious direction, but despite the move away from doom, it still retains a serious and somewhat gloomy aura (especially on Memory Garden, Fear, and the album closer–which, BTW, covers an old Donovan song, and then segues into original work). In fact, this album will be loved by some folks who don’t care much for Trouble other stuff. If you want something respectful of the 70s, but still rocking and original, get this.

5.0 out of 5 stars the most melodic,and heavily psychedelia influenced effort,
trouble is a great chicago dish of heavy,psychedelic,gloomy and straight ahead rock bands that never got the public attention.
“”memorys garden”” is the run away smash that true metal fm radio blasted during the summer of much so it was strong enough to make you buy the cd.and what a treasure chest of sound .
hendrix,donovan,tales of darkness all get a deserving tribute.the music is all great…one of those rare albums where everything on it is worth over and over listens.

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