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Trick or Treat 1986 [also has Greek subtitles]

“”What are you afraid of… It’s only rock n roll””

Marc Price
Tony Fields
Doug Savant
Lisa Orgolini
Gene Simmons
Elaine Joyce
Terry Loughlin
Glen Morgan
Clare Nono
Alice Nunn
Richard Pachorek
Denney Pierce
Elise Richards
Ray Shaffer
Graham Smith (III)
Larry Sprinkle
Charles Martin Smith
Rhet Topham
Michael S. Murphey
Joel Soisson
Rhet Topham
Glen Morgan
James Wong

Michael S. Murphey
Joel Soisson
Scott White

Release Date: 24 Oct 1986
MPAA Rating: R
Studio: De Laurentiis
Genre: Action / Adventure

Cult movie company Anchorbay were all set to release a special 20th Anniversary Edition DVD of ‘Trick or Treat’ in 2006, but cancelled it when they encountered problems with the film’s music licensing.

Eddie (Marc Price) is a true metalhead in every sense of the word. He has a metal-sounding nick name (Ragman) all the posters, skulls, leather and studs adorning his bedroom, a mom who doesn’t understand him and very few friends. He also has a crush on a girl (Lisa Orgolini) who doesn’t look twice at him and a group of bullies who will do anything and everything to humiliate him on a daily basis.

Fortunately for Eddie there will always be metal and there will always be his one idol Sammi Curr (Tony Fields), a metal icon who flaunts every rule going, plays loud music, sings suggestive lyrics and performs obscene acts on stage. Sammi also believes in his own hype and believes he is Rock’s Chosen Warrior who come Judgement Day will rule all. Eddie, being the impressionable fan that he is writes to Sammi on a regular basis and believes in his message.

Disaster strikes for Eddie when he hears of the tragic death of his idol in a hotel fire. He turns to the one man who he believes shares his passion for the Curr legacy, WZRP disc jockey, Nuke (played admirably by Kiss’ own Gene Simmons). Nuke feels sorry for Eddie and offers him a very special gift, the last record Sammi Curr ever recorded, a one-off demo that Nuke intends to play at midnight on Halloween.

Eddie is overwhelmed by Nuke’s generosity and subsequently plays the record at home on his stereo… revelling in the knowledge that he has the only copy. Eddie’s excitement soon turns to sheer terror however, when the record begins to play on it’s own… rotating backwards and uttering demonic messages of revenge and retribution IN SAMMI’S VOICE! Before Eddie can disconnect the satanic sounds emanating from his speakers, supernatural forces intervene and an evil version of Sammi materializes in a burst of electrical chaos. Eddie follows the advice of the dead singer (well, you would, wouldn’t you?) and before he knows it, he’s beating the bullies and getting the girl.

Unfortunately for Eddie, Sammi doesn’t know when to stop and grows out of control, almost killing the gang leader’s girlfriend. When Eddie rebels against his idol, Sammi is reincarnated and all hell breaks loose at the High School Hallowe’en party. What follows is a climactic struggle between good and evil as Eddie desperately tries to find a way to stop the devilish Sammi from turning his hometown into the heavy metal concert from hell… literally! Can Eddie save the day or will Sammi have the final say? Watch this movie and find out for yourself.

What are you afraid of… It’s only Rock n Roll!


At last, a movie for all the heavy metal fans out there. Trick or Treat is the long awaited homage to a form of music that has been greatly unappreciated and largely ignored for many many years. ROCK ON!

This film is one of my absolute faves of any era. It combines every thing that is good about an 80’s movie (the loner, the bully, the girl)and puts it all together with a tale of the occult and a blistering soundtrack. The special effects still look good today and, my God, if Sammi Curr is not a real rock god, then he damn well should be!


Strengths: Soundtrack. Story. Special effects

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