TREAT: Organized crime LP 1989. The most under-rated melodic Hard rock. Check videos


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released in 1989. One of the most under-rated melodic rock bands of the 80, this record is a masterpiece! true 80 sound…good vocals…nice guitar riffs…pounding drums..


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Track listing:
A1 Ready For The Taking 5:22
A2 Party All Over 3:33 Official video clip currently unavailable
A3 Keep Your Hands To Yourself 5:26
A4 Stay Away 4:38
A5 Conspiracy 4:28
B1 Mr Heartache 4:39
B2 Gimme One More Night 4:27
B3 Get You On The Run 4:10
B4 Home Is Where Your Heart Is 4:12
B5 Fatal Smile 4:06

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Swedish Melodic Hard Rock
Europe may be the leaders of the Swedish melodic rock pack in the 1980/early 1990, but in terms of quality the long-running band Treat gave them a run for their money. Starting in 1983, Treat released a string of excellent melodic rock albums, including 1989 Organized Crime.

Organized Crime is a killer melodic hard rock album. Comparisons to Europe are inevitable, and you can definitely hear those elements to Treat sound, but there are also similarities to TNT, Hurricane, and at times Warrant and Winger (and I mean that in a good way). I wouldn’t call it metal, but it is definitely a rocking album full of fantastic guitar hooks, great vocals, and just the right amount of keyboards. It grabs you from the very first song and will have you nodding your head and singing along with each track that follows.

Organized Crime is a near-flawless melodic hard rock album that is sure to please fans of this kind of music. The only drawback is that it is more than a little difficult to track down. It well worth the effort though.
5.0 out of 5 stars A hidden pearl in the Swedish era (80′) of melodic hard rock.
Treat is unbelievably enough a rather unknown band for the big number of hard rock listeners , even in their home country Sweden. Since hard rock and melodic power metal and progressive metal is a big genre here in Austria/Germany I already knew that the Swedes could/can make darn good music when it comes to these areas ( just take the awesome power metal of Hammerfall or Mortifade for example )
This band played and toured during the 80 and they have sadly like so many others disappeared from the musical scene. But the music still lives , and I do not exaggerate when I state that this is your opportunity to purchase a interesting and enjoyable piece of hard rock history.

The most correct description of Treat would require that you compare them to Europe. ( Europe was one of the most celebrated “” soft “” hard-rock bands that ever was heard on the European charts during the eighties. Their all time classic “” Final countdown “” will probably ring a bell when you hear it – even if you do not know the artists behind it ) For those of you who are familiar with Europe ; well , Treat plays and performs in the same vein as their fellow countrymen. Well structured and smooth melodies underlined with terrific vocals – although with a little more bass in the voice. The lyrics are very versatile even if a few of them ( to my disliking ) are nothing but plain love-themes.

OK – you may be asking yourself : “” should I spend money on a Europe-clone ? “” My answer would be ; Treat definitely stands on it own merits. If you compare the song quality from this album with , for instance, Europe “” Final Countdown “” or “” Wings of tomorrow “” there is an interesting difference !
5.0 out of 5 stars Melodic hard rock at it finest
The comparisons between Treat and Europe are quite common, but they are not all that close to one another. Treat most certainly rocks harder and they really blow Europe out of the water if you ask me. Lets remember that the song “”Too Wild”” on their debut album inspired the writing of “”Rock The Night.””

Unfortunately, this was the final Treat album with Robert Ernlund on vocals. It was certainly an amazing way for him to go out. You won’t find any fillers on this one. Catchy hooks, melodies and some absolute masterful guitar work. Good amount of keyboards as well, but not too excessive with them.

My favorites include Conspiracy, Gimme One More Night, and Fatal Smile. The original version of Get You On The Run which is on “”Scratch and Bite”” is better than this one. The remake which is on this album is a bit too poppy, but otherwise there isn’t anything negative to say about this.
5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome Swedish band
Treat are an absolutely fantastic melodic rock band from Sweden that should have ruled the airwaves back in the 80s/early 90. I’m really at a loss as to why they never achieved any success, but hey, at least we can still enjoy them with their great albums.

“”Organized Crime”” was released in 1989, and was the last Treat album to feature front-man Robert Ernlund. This may also be my favorite Treat record as well. The songs are a little heavier than previous Treat releases, but they make sure they keep that Euro styled harmony in the mix. While not every song is hit worthy, most of this album is pretty awesome to listen to. Songs like “”Ready for the Taking,”” “”Party All Over,”” “”Keep Your Hands to Yourself,”” and “”Get You On The Run”” are all catchy as sin, and make this pretty close to must-have for melodic rock fans.

If you like Treat at all, this album must be purchased.
If you enjoy anything related to late 80 melodic rock music, you may wanna check these guys out as well.


Treat – Home Is Where Your Heart Is  (video working OK)

Treat – Home Is Where Your Heart Is  (video working OK)

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