TREASON: Code of silence CD PROMO. Killer Seattle grunge / hard rock / Progressive Metal. Ann Wilson from Heart sings a 6 minute song. Check audio and read reviews.


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Category: AOR

Year: 2000

Label: Self-produced.

Catalog Number: None

Karl Haug guitars
Jim Dixon bas, bass pedals, backing vocals
Jason Saunders lead and backing vocals
Pete Stern drums, percussion, backing vocals
Ted Stockwell keyboards
Ann Wilson guest vocals
1. Last Stand 4:09
2. Cycles 5:40
3. SuperCool 3:40
4. Spinning 4:26
5. State of Grace 3:53
6. Deff Bendir 3:48
7. Kali Ma 4:20
8. Holy Water 4:22
9. Visual 4:24
10. Cold Tears (with Ann Wilson from Heart) 6:06 (edited segment only, not the whole song)

11. Lethal bonus track 4:32

Total Running Time: 49:20

TREASON – “Code of Silence”
Treason is a American Band based originally on a studio recording project, the band was formed back in late 1996 by Ted Stockwell. The band is at home playing together and hangs together like the old buddies they are. Treason is a band with infinite capability to execute an excellent American Hard Rock. It’s nice to hear new bands playing the original and the best Hard Rock like the American old bands, not sounding forced and not very intricate, they are originals with sincere work and a music of high quality. I can say that, Treason´s musicians have worked together to show us a great and excellent Hard Rock with melodic songs, adding positive strings and balanced percussion and also strong, powerful and nice vocals. Code of Silence is the second Treason Productions full length album, with eleven songs on this CD. The special attention is to Sue Annis´s lyrics collaboration, she has been part of the Heart Band also to Ann Wilson from Heart singing in “Cold Tears”.
Treason is: Karl Haug – Guitars, Jim Dixon – Bass guitar, bass pedals, backing vocals, Jason Saunders – Lead & backing vocals, Pete Stern – Drums & percussion, backing vocals, Ted Stockwell – Keyboards.
Special Guests: John Giblin – Bass on “State of Grace”, “Cold Tears”, and “Visual” (verses), Ann Wilson – Vocals on “Cold Tears”. All Songs Arranged and Performed By Treason. Excellent and indispensable work, high recommendable…


Country of Origin: USA
Format: CD
Record Label: Treason Production
Year of Release: 2000
Time: 49:26
Tracklist: Last Stand (4:09), Cycles (5:49), Supercool (3:40), Spinning (4:26), State Of Grace (3:53), Deff Bendir (3:48), Kali Ma (4:20), Holy Water (4:22), Visual (4:24), Cold Tears (6:06), Lethal (bonus track) (4:32)
I hadn’t heard of Treason before, but this album rocks. Treason came together in 1996 when keyboard player Ted Stockwell formed the band out of an original based studio project. Bass player Jim Dixon joined Ted after already playing together in several bands, followed by Karl Haug (guitars) and Pete Stern (drums & percussion). Recently Jason Saunders was recruited as their new singer, who in several songs reminds me of Ritual singer Patrik Lindström.

The Seattle based band has contacts in the music industry. On their first production, simply called Treason, they were accompanied by Alan White, Billy Sherwood and Igor Khoroshev from Yes. This new album contains contributions of bass player John Giblin (Phil Collins, Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel and Simple Minds to mention some) and singer Ann Wilson of Heart. Lyrically they collaborate with Sue Ennis, also known for her work with Heart.
Ron St. Germain mixed and contributed additional production to the CD. In the past Ron worked with bands like Soundgarden, U2, Creed, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Living Color.

The sound of Treason combines the Seattle grunge scene (Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains and Soundgarden) with hard rock and progressive metal (Voxen, King’s X, Queensryche and Dream Theater) and additional features of progressive rock (Spock’s Beard and World Trade). Overall based on a very American vein, although the musical direction contains the spontanity and the power of the first Ritual release, very recognizable in a track like Kali Ma.

The result of the above is very powerful album, featuring eleven tracks, which likes to bring the listener in a state of amazement. It blasts off with the powerful and very energetic track Last Stand. Layers of keyboards are combined with the great guitar contributions of Karl Haug. Already in the second track the gas is pulled back with the ballad Cycles, a beautiful piano and acoustic guitar dominated song, with King’s X similarities in the vocal parts of Jason Saunders and strong hammond additions in the chorusses. It carries the strenght of a good Queensryche release, during their highlighted years in the late eighties early nineties. After an Arabic alike outtro the song runs into the pumping Supercool, which leads straight into the second ballad on the album Spinning, that opens with very atmospheric keyboards in an almost Tangerine Dream alike vein.

Other strong songs, which come straight to the surface by first listening, are the duet with Ann Wilson in the Whitesnake alike Cold Tears, the atmospheric Visual and the guitar dominated Holy Water, which probably is the best track on the album. Also the Arabic orientated instrumental Deff Bendir needs to be mentioned.

Strange enough this band doesn’t need the name dropping at all. Their music is mature enough to stand on it’s own. I’ve got the feeling this band rocks on stage and has potention to grow on future releases. This album grows on you the more you’re willing to give it a listen.

Conclusion: 8 out of 10.

I wanted to hate this album. Really, I did. Normally I absolutely despise grunge, but this album isn’t your typical grunge album. It incorporates many of the “hooks” that we love about melodic rock. I’ve got it! It’s an album with an identity crisis! Seriously though, this effort has a solid basis both in the “Seattle Sound” of the mid-90s, as well as strong melodic elements. It’s definitely a unique sound. This sophomore effort from the band is very polished and extremely tight, much moreso than one might expect. Great attention was paid to the production/mix of this album, and it pays great dividends.
Keyboards are everpresent, and the lead vocalist has a very strong, confident voice. Just when you think a song might be getting mired in some raw alternarock, a burst of melody makes you do an aural double-take. It’s definitely an interesting listen. Of note is the guest appearance of Ann Wilson (Heart) doing duet vocals on Cold Tears. The song lineup is predominantly rockers, with the obligatory ballad or two throne in. In fact, I especially like the ballad Spinning, a powerful standout! The instrumental Deff Bendir adds an innovative “progressive” edge to the album. If you like a modern sound, yet do not want to foresake powerful vocals or strong harmonies, this will be the perfect album for you! Great job, guys!

Rating: 84/100

Treason are some new guys out of the USA and have just signed a deal to have this album more widely distributed. Which is a good thing, as this album rocks big time! This is modern aggressive hard rock at it’s best, with touches of Alice In Chains, The Cult, Stone Temple Pilots and even Metallica all mixed to perfection. This album is a must get for any fans of the bands mentioned and fans of modern melodic metal with attitude!

Treason demonstrate that they are a band of substance, where emotion and melody meet at the crossroads of past and present. An album much more likely to appeal after repeated listenings rather than the first time airing mean that this is more than superficial music. Well worth a listen, and well worth keeping an eye on too. Treason could easily prove to be a real surprise just as much as they could betray and fade into oblivion.

Label: Not On Label – none
Format: CD, Album, Promo
Country: US
Released: 2000
Genre: Grunge, Hard Rock, Progressive Metal
1 Last Stand
Songwriter – Karl Haug, Sue Ennis, Ted Stockwell
2 Cycles
Songwriter – Karl Haug, Pete Stern, Sue Ennis, Ted Stockwell
3 SuperCool
Songwriter – Jim Dixon, Karl Haug, Pete Stern, Sue Ennis, Ted Stockwell
4 Spinning
Songwriter – Sue Ennis, Ted Stockwell
5 State Of Grace
Songwriter – Karl Haug, Sue Ennis, Ted Stockwell
6 Deff Bendir
Songwriter – Ted Stockwell
7 Kali Ma
Songwriter – Sue Ennis, Ted Stockwell
8 Holy Water
Songwriter – Sue Ennis, Ted Stockwell
9 Visual
Songwriter – Karl Haug, Sue Ennis, Ted Stockwell
10 Cold Tears
Songwriter – Karl Haug, Pete Stern, Sue Ennis, Ted Stockwell
Songwriter, Lead Vocals – Ann Wilson
Bonus track
11 Lethal

Songwriter – Jim Dixon, Karl Haug, Pete Stern, Sue Ennis, Ted Stockwell
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Treason Productions International
Copyright © – Treason Productions International
Recorded At – Bear Creek Studios
Recorded At – Treason Studios
Mixed At – Long View Farm Studios
Mastered At – Oceanview Digital Mastering
Glass Mastered At – CMCA – R00228-01
Pressed By – CMCA
Bass – John Giblin (tracks: 5, 9, 10)
Bass, Backing Vocals – Jim Dixon
Co-producer, Mixed By – Ron St. Germain
Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals, Engineer – Pete Stern
Engineer – Joe Hadlock, Steve Boyce, Zack Reinig
Guitar – Karl Haug
Keyboards, Producer, Engineer – Ted Stockwell
Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals – Jason Saunders

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