TRADE MARK: Fatal Blues CD. A.O.R. / Hard Rock, similar to the first Bon Jovi album. Check videos

TRADE MARK: Fatal Blues CD mint. AOR / Hard Rock, 1st Bon Jovi album. Check videos


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Another great release for your collection! Trademark played melodic hard rock with some metal elements especially in the amazing guitar work. Every song is a real gem. Too late is a great opener, Burn the sky is the AOR moment of the album, Cold love is an incredible hard rock hit comparable to stuff from the first Bon Jovi album, Fatal blues is a wonderful emotional ballad with a great acoustic intro and In the prison cell closes with a blend of heavy riffing and melodic lines. The vocals are very good, though there’s a slightly exotic accent. Guitarist Sotiris Feggitis would be a guitar hero if he had escaped the small local scene. The ep has been re-released on CD with some bonus tracks which are quite crappy so I didn’t bother ripping them, they simply don’t do any justice to this great band.

Trade Mark Fatal Blues
Label: Unisound Records 8303002
Format: CD
Country: Greece
Style: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
1 Too Late
2 Burn The Sky
3 Cold Love
4 Fatal Blues
5 In The Prison
6 Diggin’ My Grave (Demo)
7 Should (Demo)
8 The Escape (Demo)
9 Tears In Your Eyes (Live)

Originally released as Mini LP in 1992 on the Music Box International (MBI 40475) label.Tracks 6 to 9 are bonus.
This is a very good and rare E.P. It was re-released some years ago with some bonus tracks: 6) Digging my grave(Demo), 7) Should(Demo), 8) Escape(Demo), 9) Tears in your eyes (Live). Every song here is very good and tasteful. Grab it whenever you find it… its another overlooked worth finding European melodic hard rock E.P. The authentic E.P. (first cut) is a collectors item!!!Even the re-released with the bonus tracks is a very good one.

Excellent. Gold Love and Fatal Blues are must have songs!

Excellent Melodic (Hard)Rock E.P and yeah “Gold Love” and “Fatal Blues” are really good but “Burn The Sky” is a good melodic rock song. Good Guitar Solos! Trade Mark reminds me a bit of Emerald Rain. 5 songs and 3 Demo Recordings and a Live track, “Digging my grave” and “Should” are more Metal-Oriented.
Decent album with good songs…tracks 2,3 & 5 are the best ones. For listeners hungry of indie bands,i guess.84/100
A very good album of a bunch of young amateur guys with plenty of talent. only one comment: the solo in “cold love” reminds me of the mighty Brad Gillis and that’s something!

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