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Country of origin: United Kingdom
Location: Lancaster, Lancashire
Formed in: 1983
Genre: NWOBHM, Heavy Metal
Jon Hull works as a sound engineer with Machine Head.

Label: Ebony Records ? EBON 33
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album [mint condition vinyl]
Country: UK
Released: 1986
Genre: Heavy Metal

A1 Power Point
A2 Night Attacker
A3 Moving On
A4 When I Call Your Name

B1 Back Alley Vices
B2 Night Of The Hallowe’en
B3 Street Cred
B4 Through The Night
B5 Death Row
Barcode: 5 013939 000336

(very low quality, compressed) samples:

Touched sounds like early (DiAnno) era Iron Maiden, mixed with more than a touch of early 80s US glam. Some might think thats a weird combination, but to me its interesting and it works (check out Paul DiAnnos Battlezone for further hints at this sound), in greater or lesser amounts here perhaps not as good as the debut. Its basically the glam attitude of early Twisted Sister, or the First Motley Crue album mixed with some of the bass rumbling and speedy, punk feeling pace of riffage in earl Maiden albums, topped off with what is very much a DiAnno-esque vocalist in Ronnie Wolstenholme. If this sounds like an interesting combination to you, read on. All in all Touched is a decent band & there are some definite strong moments to be experienced in the mix, and if nothing else a certain interesting sound brought about by a unique molding of influences.

I suppose I should go no further without explaining the glam metal qualities to this album, and indeed this band. While attempting rougher and more metal imagery in this one, this one still retains plenty of glam attitude, and typical glam sound at times. Moving On could be described as nothing but a glam metal track. The subject matter is definitely something tackled by Great White and Guns n Roses, and the lustful, sleazy whimpers on vocals just scream glam, as well does the instruments in this piece. Tracks like Street Cred scream glam too, if not in the pure title of the track, then in the typically raucous gang shouted delivery of the chorus. The lyrics in this one lock up your daughter your liquor too are pure glam sleaze attitude, and are fun an enjoyable if at times a little foolish. (We aint so pure dont need no cure, weve got street cred). Either way, in these less-than-serious glam metal efforts we do retain heavy floor toms, rough and ready guitars, and some energetic wails from our vocalist.

Contrasting somewhat with the slower, more glammy territory, the energetic burner Power Point brings fast paced heavy metal credentials to the album, much like Nothin to Lose done on their début. This album seems to be an attempt at more metal-based imagery, though still embracing the glam ethos (tracks like Street Cred and Movin On).
The heavy number Back Alley Vices is a capable, melodic, yet thundering cut blending sleazy glam attitude with decent traces of metal. This one brings back many of the DiAnnoesque vocals I talked of raspy, sleazy and raw with force behind em. A definite NWOBHM track which is among the better on this permissible, though not great album. Night of Halloween has some quality crunching NWOBHM tones on guitar, and smashing impact on the drums.
When I Call Your Name, the albums half-ballad is pretty dynamic a fairly well written number if not a little heavy in cliché. Also heck out the cut Power Point.

Touched went for the fusion of soft glammery, and love songs – Through the Night with heavier strokes such as Night of Halloween, with its NWOBHMy low guitars and pelting drums; a pretty unique & inspired blend of sound.

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