Total Metal Attack – A New Wave Of British Heavy Metal Compilation CD. 14 unreleased gems. Check samples


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A really thoroughly researched compilation documenting the NWOBHM phenomenon’s rarer out reaches. These 14 unreleased tracks licensed from rare and hard to find New Wave Of British Heavy Metal songs. This CD will appeal to all metal fans, and aficionados. This is for everyone into rock music history and anyone interested in British music – and culture history. Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Judas Priest and Saxon all got signed by majors and sold records galore, meanwhile bands in every village across England formed. Inspired by the energy and DIY attitude of the punk scene these acts recorded and released their records all on their own. The music heard on this LP has been treasured by NWOBHM connoisseurs.

Total Metal Attack
A New Wave Of British Heavy Metal Compilation
Old School Records OSR 04-01 2004

I am in rapture, I am in ecstasy, I am complete. Old School Records has released the first totally genuine, valid, dedicated, awesome, ass kicking NWoBHM album in years. Not since the kerranging crescendos of Metal For Muthas have we heard the likes and so, for a fan of the era (as I am), this album is a critical transfusion of much needed crunch, punch and mullets.

So what else is special about this very special CD? Well how about the fact that 14 bands are featured, not only with a collection of fist flailing, neck snapping tunes, but a collection of never before released fist flailing, neck snapping tunes. That’s right, all the tracks on this album are either previously unreleased songs from the era or have been specially written and recorded for it. And which bands are on this leather studded prize? Well I’ll give you a full list below but highlights for me are Atomkraft, Lionheart, Ground Attack, Soldier and Deep Switch. This doesn’t mean that the other bands don’t meet the high standards of this compilation, it just means that this week I have mainly been listening to those bands. That’s the magic of this album, so full of choice, so full of nostalgia, yet sounding as fresh as a slab of raw meat.

What can you expect from the CD musically? You can expect raw, attacking riffs, powerful melodic vocals, high speed drums and an attitude that looks you straight in the eye, belches and buys you a pint of best British ale. That’s all I’m going to say. Its up to you now my fellow worshippers of the NWoBHM. Order your copy, then sit smugly while those who are unenlightened carry on without a fucking clue.

Track list:
Bronze (Featuring Chris Goulstone) – Fugitive
Pagan Altar – Flight Of The Witch Queen
Ground Attack – Motorbike Song
Agony Bag – Venus Flytrap
Soldier – Natural High
Atomkraft – No Escape
Ironheart – Last Chance
JJs Powerhouse – The Watcher
Blood Money – I Was Wrong
Black Rose – (Get Off Your) High Horse
Distrainers – Last Rat
EF Band – Hard, Hot And Heavy
Burner – Old Enough To Know Better             Burner 7″ singles are available here on Yperano
Deep Switch – Pigfeeder (Bonus Track)

Feat. Bronz, Pagan Altar, Ground Attack, Agony Bag, Soldier, Atomkraft, Ironheart, JJs Powerhouse, Blood Money, Black Rose, Distrainers, E.F.Band, Burner and Deep Switch!
One of the very best NWOBHM compilation ever, the glorious tradition started by “Metal For Muthas”, “Heavy Metal Heroes” and “Brute Force” is brought back! Almost all tracks previously unreleased! Sleeve notes about each band, fat booklet with rare pictures! Fantastic cover artwork and layout design! This is not another boring CD compilation, with bands that you actually don’t want to listen to. This is not another money taker, and this is not another release which will be covered by dust on your shelf… This is lesson of Heavy Metal history. Simply a must have for every serious Heavy Metal fan around the globe!

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