Too Old To Rock – Too Dumb To Quit 2002 CD. Progressive instrumental hard rock. Check audio (whole album).


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Too Dumb To Quit is the debut album from the band Too Old To Rock, which consists of guitarist Jim Reindel and guitarist Chris Hattingh. The CD features 12 tracks of all instrumental guitar music, primarily in a progressive hard rock vein, but with a few strange twists and surprises thrown in. Reindel and Hattingh play all the instruments on the album, and every track contains a 50/50 split of the guitar duties – melodies are traded off, solos are traded, and there are guitar harmonies galore. Even the long solo guitar track “Arthritic Shredfest” is actually both guitarists – the solo seemlessly morphing from Reindel to Hattingh about halfway through. Too Dumb To Quit will be the record to convince guitarists out there to find a like-minded guitar-playing partner to record with – before they’re too old! Instrumental Guitar (Electric (Heavy)/Hard Rock/Progressive),

total running time, 57:15
Songs and length:
04:14 Shuffleboard Champs 04:20 Bingo Night At Emilys 07:47 Arthritic Shredfest 05:08 Dance Of The Coffin Dodgers 04:03 Pass The Geritol 06:10 Second Mortgage Blues 04:12 Too Dumb To Quit 05:30 Hair Today Gone Tomorrow 03:29 Goodbye Spandex 03:57 Viagra Falls 04:57 Senior Citizen Boogie 03:24 Vitamin A

Too Old To Rock – Too Dumb To Quit
Label: TGIF Productions – TGIF 2002-4ACD
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 2002
Style: Hard Rock
1 Shuffleboard Champs
2 Bingo Night At Emily’s
3 Arthritic Shredfest
4 Dance Of The Coffin Dodgers
5 Pass The Geritol
6 Second Mortgage Blues
7 Too Dumb To Quit
8 Hair Today Gone Tomorrow
9 Goodbye Spandex
10 Viagra Falls
11 Senior Citizen Boogie
12 Vitamin A
Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar – Jim Reindel
Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass, Drums – Chris Hattingh
Barcode: 6 20673 17592 0

Great CD! These guys are NOT too old to rock…but their humor is refreshing! The songs are well crafted, thought out and interesting. These guys aren’t the usual Yngwie clones. They don’t do 1000 mph arppegio’s…but they do shred…BIG time. Lots of feeling an emotion in their playing. If I had to make comparisons, I’d put em somewhere between Eddie Van Halen (the early years) Hendrix, Vai, Satch, Schenker.
Much to choose from on this CD. Many styles are highlighted but the main focus is hard rock/metal. I’d like to ask them how they came up with the CD title…cracks me up.
I strongly recommend this Cd for anyone into instrumental guitar music. These guys are onto something great-

The musicianship and technique speaks for itself on Too Old To Rock’s “Too Dumb To Quit”. Not only are the performances stunning, but the songwriting is strangely reminiscent of Jerry Cantrell’s (of Alice In Chains) newest solo CD “Degradation Trip”…this caught my ear!!! “Pass The Geritol” is refreshing chord progressions and beautifully, smoothly played lead guitar. “Bingo Night At Emily’s” is a touching, cinematic story—-even though this is instrumental music, when you sit back, close your eyes, and listen, you are given a very emotionally driven landscape. My favorite guitar solo is on the chorus of “Bingo Night At Emily’s”. The music it tight and crisp, played by masters of their craft.

WOW!!! This is one SMOKIN’ set!! Jim & Chris make it loud and clear that guitar playing is something they will never grow out of! From the heavy opening riff in “Shuffleboard Champs” to the mellow groove of “Hair Today , Gone Tomorrow” to the deceptively named “Arthritic Shredfest” (CRIKEY!! I want arthritis too!), this CD has something for everyone.
One thing that stands out besides the incredible guitar playing is that these guys had a blast making this CD.
Get Older and Dumber guys! If this is what we get, it’s worth every note!

In a sea of “so-so” guitarists it’s indeed refreshing to finally have a piece of work that represents two guitarists that obviously take what they do SERIOUSLY! From the “get-go” you realize, and are relieved, this is not just another blatant exercise in “guitar…” – but focused, concise and well-executed virtuosity! I’ve played guitar for 20+ years and in my opinion – this is the real deal! Well worth the money…

This CD was everything I expected and more!! Hattingh and Reindel’s guitars seem to be feeding off each others energy…creating a diverse mind blowing musical ambiance unmatched by any other I have ever heard !! My personal favorite being “Bingo Nights at Emilys” Let’s hope these two guitar masters never quit !! A definite treasure to my collection !!!

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