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Too Dumb To Quit is the debut album from the band Too Old To Rock, which consists of guitarist Jim Reindel and guitarist Chris Hattingh. The CD features 12 tracks of all instrumental guitar music, primarily in a progressive hard rock vein, but with a few strange twists and surprises thrown in. Reindel and Hattingh play all the instruments on the album, and every track contains a 50/50 split of the guitar duties – melodies are traded off, solos are traded, and there are guitar harmonies galore. Even the long solo guitar track “Arthritic Shredfest” is actually both guitarists – the solo seemlessly morphing from Reindel to Hattingh about halfway through. Too Dumb To Quit will be the record to convince guitarists out there to find a like-minded guitar-playing partner to record with – before they’re too old! Instrumental Guitar (Electric (Heavy)/Hard Rock/Progressive),


total running time, 57:15
Songs and length:
04:14 Shuffleboard Champs 04:20 Bingo Night At Emilys 07:47 Arthritic Shredfest 05:08 Dance Of The Coffin Dodgers 04:03 Pass The Geritol 06:10 Second Mortgage Blues 04:12 Too Dumb To Quit 05:30 Hair Today Gone Tomorrow 03:29 Goodbye Spandex 03:57 Viagra Falls 04:57 Senior Citizen Boogie 03:24 Vitamin A

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