TOO LEGIT FOR THE PIT: Hardcore Takes the Rap CD
TOO LEGIT FOR THE PIT: Hardcore Takes the Rap CD
TOO LEGIT FOR THE PIT: Hardcore Takes the Rap CD

TOO LEGIT FOR THE PIT: Hardcore Takes the Rap CD


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CD Release Date: 2000-08-08
Slim-case jewel case PROMO cd.

01 – Stretch Armstrong – Express Yourself (N.W.A.)
02 – Candiria – Deep Cover (Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg)
03 – Throwdown – Baby Got Back (Sir Mix-A-Lot)
04 – Hoods – Mama Said Knock You Out (L.L. Cool J)
05 – The Movielife – I Can’t Do Nuttin’ For Ya Man (Public Enemy)
06 – E-Town Concrete – The World Is Yours ( Nas)
07 – Clocked In – New Jack Hustler (Ice-T)
08 – F.O The Smack Magnet – The Humpty Dance (Digital Underground)
09 – Skarhead – P.S.K! What Does It Mean (Schooly D)
10 – Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza – White Lines(Don’t Do It) (Grandmaster Flash)
11 – Diehard Youth – Bust A Move (Young M.C.)
12 – No Redeeming Social Value – Fresh (Fresh 3 M.C.s)


Hardcore goes rap on this compilation. 12 hardcore acts from around the country conspire to pay homage to their favoriterap hits. New and never before released tracks with a healthy mix of punk, rap and metal. Featuring, Stretch Arm Strong ‘Express Yourself’ by N.W.A., Throwdown ‘Baby Got Back’ by Sir Mix-A-Lot and Bad Luck 13 ‘White Lines’ by Grandmaster Flash. 12 tracks.


5.0 out of 5 stars You see, Back in the day………,
Back in the day, hip hop was flourishing and that was undeniable. That time brought out some awesome songs…. all of which are redone here on this cd. Every track is tight especially “express yourself” and “baby got back”. Most of the bands on this cd you may have never heard of, but dont let that keep you from buying this. It is an awesome cd! This cd is the best Hardcore collection i have ever heard…..Dont delay, buy it today, you wont be disapointed….i promise.

5.0 out of 5 stars E-Town, Throwdown and Candiria,
I got the album for those 3 tracks and they do not disappoint. Go pick it up.

5.0 out of 5 stars This CD kicks!,
This CD is an awesome combination of old school rap and hardcore punk rock. Every track is awesome. You already know all the words since its from back in the day…so its fun to listen to all the time. I suggest to anyone that likes old school or punk to get this CD! awesome!

co operations between Metal and Hip Hop acts are something more ordinary nowadays. The list of these collaborations is endless and a very important impulse had definitely been the soundtrack of “Judgement Night” (1993), which clearly shadowed the plot of the movie. surprising that now a similar project has been launched. Instead of Metal bands we now have Hardcore formations inducing new life and lots of heaviness into legendary Hip Hop songs. And even it should already be old fashioned to finance recordings like this, it still is entertaining. This compilation contains everything from well distinguishable versions close to the original to wildly belted out tracks. Cult songs like “Express Yourself”, “Mama Said Knock You Out”, “The World Is Yours” and “New Jack Hustler” should be known to many open minded music listeners also in the original, newly interpreted a few tracks still have some surprises in store.
Baffling, too, with which ease each band approached the not really known material and put Hip Hop tracks onto a comparably brutal level as if it was the easiest thing one could do. I cannot filter out single tracks as every interpretation has its very own appeal and there are no flaws. Soundwise there also is nothing left to be desired, so every open minded Metal freak should get this disc. What stands against cool rhymes with fat guitars? Hip Hop goes Hardcore, thats it!

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