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A very underrated album, underrated talent!!! Album was great, not enough exposure.

The 3rd of his solo between Styx and Damn Yankees. It is a little more edgy and rocks more than the previous two. It is like a stepping stone between his first two solo and Damn Yankees, which is straight-ahead rock and roll. Ambition is strong in melody, guitar riffs, lead guitar etc. If you like Tommy Shaw other music, you’ll be well satisfied.

All words & music by Tommy Shaw & Terry Thomas unless where otherwise noted.
“”No Such Thing”” – 3:58
“”Dangerous Game”” – 4:53
“”The Weight of the World”” – 4:56
“”Ambition”” – 4:26
“”Ever Since the World Began”” (Frankie Sullivan, Jim Peterik)- 4:08 Survivor penned.
“”Are You Ready for Me”” – 4:18
“”Somewhere in the Night”” – 4:40
“”Love You Too Much”” – 4:03
“”The Outsider”” – 4:54
“”Lay Them Down”” (Shaw) – 4:15

Tommy Shaw: Guitars, Lead Vocals, Background Vocals
Tony Beard: Drums
Felix Krish: Bass Guitar, Fretless Bass Guitar, Bass Synth
Wix: Keyboards
Peter-John Vettese: Keyboards on “”Ever Since the World Began””
Richie Cannata: Saxophone
Steve Alexander: Percussion, Drum overdubs
Christopher Ohaughnessy: Lead Guitar on “”Are You Ready for Me”” and “”Ambition””
Terry Thomas: Guitar, Keyboards, Drum programming, Background Vocals
Lee Hart: Background Vocals
Dee & Shirley Lewis: Background Vocals
Helena Springs: Background Vocals
James “”JY”” Young: Background Vocals

Originally released on Atlantic Records in 1987, Ambition is former Styx guitarist/vocalist Tommy Shaw third solo album release. It was produced by Terry Thomas (from the rock band, Charlie) and has a very fluid and melodic sound with rich synthesizer chords and sequences. Tommy Shaw takes a new direction on this album, getting outside producer Terry Taylor to help. Taylor actually over-produced this album and it sounds more like early-’90s Bad Company, making this another great album.

Released 1987
Recorded 1987
Genre Rock
Length 44:31
Label Atlantic

5.0 out of 5 stars Thanks, Terry and Tommy,
For those who are fans Tommy Shaw of Styx and Damn Yankees, you know what a great songwriter Tommy is when he has a creative counterpart to bounce his musical ideas off of– Such as the guys in Styx and Damn Yankees. Before Damn Yankees, Tommy met a very talented producer by the name of Terry Thomas. Tommy was in desperate need of a fresh start in his solo career after his second album failed. He got a new manager and his manager teamed him up with Terry. The result was “”Ambition”” a very well-written and produced “”AOR”” rock album in 1987. There are very few dull moments on this disc. “”Somewhere In the Night”” is worth the price of this alone. Very powerful stuff. Terry took Tommy in a very different songwriting direction and the result was a dark, atmospheric and emotional record that somehow manages to retain the “”soul”” of Tommy Shaw style. All the sudden, he singing in odd minor keys and in higher registers at Terry urging. Arguably, it marks the beginning of a creative journey that will take him to Damn Yankees, to Shaw-Blades, back to Styx and back to Shaw-Blades again, with several songwriting credits on the side for other artists along the way. Wow. Most people don’t realize the impact that this supposed “”failure”” had on his career. Commercially the album was a failure (thanks for nothing Atlantic Records) despite it album rock-friendly production values and solid musical performances. But it is a great record that deservedly has been reissued. On a side note, this was a big break for Terry Thomas as well, who went on to produce some fine album-rock records for Bad Company and Giant in the late 80.

5.0 out of 5 stars FINALLY!!!!,
If you only own one Tommy Shaw release, this should be it. The title track, “”Somewhere in the Night,”” and “”No Such Thing”” are the standout songs here, though they are all good. After leaving Styx in 1983 and before joining Damn Yankees in 1990, this 1987 solo effort (his 4th in as many years) finds Shaw in top songwriting form. Buy “”Ambition”” now! It a piece of Rock history and Tommy Shaw best solo album.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Album,
I’ve always been a Tommy Shaw/Styx fan, and I actually bought the original issue of this CD from a bargain bin for $1.99. I also saw the supporting tour as an opening act for Rush. This album rocks from start to finish. Great vocals, guitar, and songwriting. Highlights are Somewhere in the Night, Dangerous Game, and The Outsider. If you like Tommy Shaw, buy this album. It was out of print for years and is well worth the price.

5.0 out of 5 stars A must have cd for any rock fans,
Wheater you like a melodic rock or AOR, this 3rd release from “” the master”” Tommy Shaw seem a flawless victory for all… this release is very full of masterpiece handycraft of this briliant artist, full of melodic passage and a glorious rythem in other hand…
A very “”must buy album”” for everyone who loved rock or AOR Genre…

5.0 out of 5 stars AOR perfection!!,
Shaw 3rd album is by all accounts his best. The perfectly produced guitar/keyboard mix was ideal in 1987 and still sounds great. Damn Yankees was a natural transition from this title. You won’t be disappointed…
Awesome price when before rereleased, Ebay had this title up to $75.

5.0 out of 5 stars AOR Gem By Terry Thomas!!!,
Tommy Shaw stepped up his game for this AOR gem. Like they say, the third time is the charm & it was true. Coming off of “”Girls With Guns”” & “”What If””, “”Ambition”” put him in a new league. This cd was produced by Terry Thomas (Giant, Charlie, Foreigner) and he brought out the best in Shaw. This was the time when Atlantic signed Lou Gramm, Johnny Van Zant & Shadow King but for some reason this cd slipped into the cracks & went away as fast as it was released. But thankfully someone realized how good it is & making it available without the steep price tag. If you like, Journey, Starship, Foreigner, Lou Gramm or Johnny Van Zant this is for you.

5.0 out of 5 stars Ambition,
I’m surprised how little attention this received. I have been a big fan of Styx and Tommy Shaw for quite some time, and I think the some of his best music is on this CD. I’m not especially knowledgeable about the production aspect of albums but this one seemed to flow from beginning to end, with the gem being Somewhere in the Night. Even now, after years of listening to that song, it still one of my favorites, and although I’ve never figured out if it a happy or sad ending it full of emotion. I might have left Ever Since the World Began off it, but No Such Thing, Ambition, Are you Ready for Me, and Dangerous Game are solid, and Lay Them Down, Outsider, Weight of the World, and Love You Too Much round out the rest of the tape to make it a pretty enjoyable mix of music. Definitely a keeper.

5.0 out of 5 stars excellent album,
this is probably the best tommy shaw album ever….you will love every song and if you dont you are stupid

5.0 out of 5 stars Great 80 Concept Album !,
It moody, a little dark, like for driving down the highway at night . . . But that why I loved it in the 1980 ! I just was never able to find the CD ! To me, it is the most well-done, well-produced album by Tommy Shaw, as I have heard most of his others to date . . . Still, yes, it has a certain heavy keyboard-80 sound, but it is more erious’ than his other efforts in my humble opinion . . .
So, dark, but GREAT guitar, it should have really been the concept for another Styx album, instead of the more light-wieght stuff they all have done . . .

5.0 out of 5 stars styx rocks,
What can I say? I’m just a Tommy Shaw Fan. This album matches (in my mind) Tommy first release.

Super rare interview with Japanese and English language of Styx’s Tommy Shaw from What If-era. Discussion of making second solo album, Dick Clark’s involvement with the Remo Williams soundtrack project and more.

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