TOKYO BLADE: Mr. Ice CD (sealed). With Alan Marsh, original vocalist. +5 killer bonus tracks.


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Alan Marsh is a talented singer and he proves that in this TOKYO BLADE release. Great vocals, powerful tunes, hard rocking moments and some great songs.

Category: Hard Rock
Year: 1990
Label: Zoom Club (United Kingdom)
Catalog Number: ZCRCD6

Atilla keyboards, backing vocals
Danny Gwilym guitar, backing vocals [Also with Shogun]
Colin Riggs bass, backing vocals
Andy Boulton guitar, backing vocals
Alan Marsh lead vocals [Also with Shogun]
Mark Angel drums [Also with Wrathchild]
1. Hot Breath 6:01
2. Poor Little Rich Kid 3:35
3. Women and Love 5:56
4. More Than a Pretty Face 4:57
5. Boyz Will Be Boyz 4:54
6. Young, Bad, and No Good 4:26
7. No Resistance to Love 6:13
8. 1000 Nights 5:11
9. Passion and Emotion 7:18
10. One White Lie bonus live track 5:04
11. Young, Bad, and No Good bonus live track 5:46
Total Running Time: 59:21

This is by far, my favourite Tokyo Blade release even though it wasn’t actually released under the T.B. moniker. Hard Rock doesn’t get any better than this, especially with the outrageous background vocals! The axe-manship is also tremendous! A must buy for any fan of the 80s!
This album is great!! It is not cock rock it is hard rock!
Great Album, Great Band, Great Singer, Great Guitarist…
MELODIC METAL/AOR originally recorded as MR.ICE Zoom Club reissued this CD in 1998 with 5 killer bonus tracks and changed the name back to TOKYO BLADE with the return of original vocalist ALAN MARSH (SHOGUN)Very different from original NWoBHM style with huge backing vocals and synth ! great guitar work!!!!
British band that has remained underground through the years…this album delivers good Heavy Rock songs with some others more into the melodic territory…best ones 4 me are “One White Lie” this live bonus reminds me of Tobruk,”Young,Bad And No Good” & “Passion And Emotion”…tracks 2,3,5 & 8 are goodie ones too…86/100
fantastic release by TOKYO BLADE and surely their best.this one has a clear commercial hard rock approach and many good songs.”one white lie”,”women &love”,”more than a pretty face” and “passion and emotion” are superb!this is a must buy for hard rockers

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