Toby JEPSON: Refresh CD Little Angels, B.L.O.W., Gun, Fastway singer! .
Toby JEPSON: Refresh CD Little Angels, B.L.O.W., Gun, Fastway singer! .

Toby JEPSON: Refresh CD Little Angels, B.L.O.W., Gun, Fastway singer! Check audio.


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Once the singer/songwriter of successful British band, LITTLE ANGELS, Toby Jepson has enjoyed and endured in equal measure. From humble beginnings in the Northeast, Toby walked the path many do in the search for recognition, and finally found it with spectacular results in the aforementioned band.
12 top 40 hits, including Too Much, Too Young and Womankind in 1993, a number one album Jam 1993, tours with Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams and Van Halen to name three, coupled with the bands own headlining tours taking in venues such as Hammersmith Apollo and The Royal Albert Hall, all added up nearly 10 years forging a huge loyal following to rival any band touring at the time.
Since the demise of Little Angels in 1994, Toby has continued to write and produce music, showing a maturity that established him as a respected solo artist in his own right.

It was with the achieving of a new publishing deal in 2000, and with the urge to go out and play again that Toby returned to music in 2002. Over a number of UK tours, Toby played a healthy smattering of Little Angels material as well as songs from his debut solo album “Toby and The Whole Truth” and brand new material from the Refresh EP. This was a new phase in the career of one of rocks most dynamic front men. The watchwords were passion and integrity driven by a desire to entertain and move an audience, not conditioned by fashion.

The line up during 2002 and 2003 was :
Toby Jepson – Lead Vocals/Guitar
Nick Dunne Lead Guitar
Roger Davis- Bass Guitar
Matt Eldridge Drums, percussion

Unwind  CHECK AUDIO (A 2 minute and 9 seconds edited segment of the song. Whole song is  3 minutes and 45 seconds)   or
Refresh Yourself CHECK AUDIO (edited segment of the song):  or
My Aim Is True

5.0 out of 5 stars Refresh yourself !!,
The Refresh EP is a long overdue comeback from ex-Little Angels front-man Toby Jepson after a 7 year absence. For all those who were fans of the sorely missed Angels this is a must have for your collection. Toby is back with a new band and a very positive outlook on the future which has culminated in this first recording under his own label Jepsongs.
The EPs openers Unwind and Breakdown are pure “jump up and down” rock songs, classic Toby in the mould of Too Much Too Young and The Way that I Live. Forgiveness and My Aim is True slow the tempo down a little and are as well written and meaningful as you would expect from Toby. The title track Refresh Yourself expresses how Toby feels about his new venture and his break from music.
All in all this is a very welcome return and there is definite anticipation amongst all his fans. This should be in your record collection, don’t miss out.

5.0 out of 5 stars Take Me Back To The Wild Side Of Life,
Back in the early 1990s a band called Little Angels fronted by Toby Jepson was taking the British rock industry by storm. Just as the band were about to make a break through (before Oasis an all the Britpop came on the seen) the band, unfortunately split because of musical differences, apparently. Had Little Angels stayed together we may have been looking back on the mid 1990s for being famous for Britrock. Sadly, that was never to be. Toby Jepson has a great rock voice, unfortunately this EP does not test all his vocal range. Overall though this is a welcome return for the man who really could have had it all, but didn’t. I still believe had Little Angels 4th album it would have made them the best British selling band of the 1990s. Still, check out the opening track here and know that the other 4 tracks matched it.

Refresh Yourself:
Do you like the cross you bear?
Are you living without a care?
Take a trip you gotta pay the fair
On a journey to who knows where
Have you regrets have you disgrace
Well its written all over your face
There’s so much more you could embrace
Can I cut right to the chase?

Refresh your self
Refresh yourself
Refresh yourself
See how refreshed you can feel

Now everything is tailor-made
Where familiar passions fade
So if you wanna change the grade
Why not try a different shade
Hurry up and define your mind
Don’t hang around you ain’t got time
You can gamble or decline
If you seek you will find

Do you wanna get vitalised
Get out of your clockwork life
Stop feeling so crippled inside
I wanna offer a piece of advice
If you wanna come alive
Really feel it deep inside
Seek the truth don’t compromise
And don’t suffer or be denied

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