TIME MACHINE: Act II Galileo CD (still factory sealed). 1 hour of killer Progressive Metal. Check audio (whole album).


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This is easily the best progressive metal disc of 1995. It is possibly the best progressive metal disc to ever come out of Italy. It is one of the finest progressive metal discs ever. The booklet that comes with the disc explains the basic premise of the concept behind this album: On June 22nd 1633 the Inquisition in Rome read the sentence that condemned Galileo Galilie, guilty of heresy, to imprisonment. Galileo, at the age of seventy, was humiliated by being forced to disavow his studies and far-reaching achievements to which he devoted his entire life. In fact, it was Galileo who gave birth to the age of experimental science. By prosecuting Galileo, the Holy Office and the by then society condemned the freedom of intellect in the progress of arts and sciences, the passive non-acceptance of mystical and philosophical limits and, most important, they condemned the superior value of individuality.

A New World:
1. New Frontiers 2. Stargazer II. Guilt 3. Rage 4. I Hold The Key (into the void) III. Regrets 5. Colours of the Night 6. Mother 7. Let Me Cry IV. The Holy Office 8. Justice 9. Fear 10. Burning in the Wind V. The Old World 11. Aperite! VI. A Nightmare 12. Dungeons of the Vatican VII. Nightly Visions 13. Cold Flames of Faith 14. Suspicions VIII. The Trial 15. White Collars 16. Prisoner of Dreams (condemned) 17. Black Rose IX. Pain 18. I Cant Smile 19. Silent Cry

Time Machine  Act II: Galileo
Label: Lucretia Records   MHLPR 001, Metal Hammer ? MHLPR 001
Format: CD, Album
Country: Greece
Released: 1995
Genre: Prog Rock, Heavy Metal
1 A New World 6:34
2 Guilt 6:54
3 Regrets 3:02
4 The Holy Office 6:44
5 The Old World 0:44
6 A Nightmare 5:00
7 Nightly Visions 8:18
8 The Trial 11:47
9 Pain 3:07
Total time length 52:10

Released as cover CD with issue of Metal Hammer (Greece) magazine.

Complete track list :
I. A new world:
…1) New frontiers
…2) Stargazer
II. Guilt:
…1) Rage
…2) I hold the key (into the void)
III. Regrets:
…1) Colours of the night
…2) Mother
…3) Let me cry
IV. The holy office:
…1) Justice
…2) Fear
…3) Burning in the wind
V. The old world:
…1) Aperite!
VI. A nightmare:
…1) Dungeons of the Vatican
VII. Nightly visions:
…1) Cold frames of faith
…2) Suspicions
VIII. The trial:
…1) White collars
…2) Prisoner of dreams (condemned)
…3) Black rose
IX. Pain:
…1) I can’t smile
…2) Silent cry

As you can see by the track listing, the concept is broken into several movements carrying forward the story of the above synopsis. This album received a lot of praise and a lot of criticism when it was released. Many people raved about how well it told a story of the narrowminded church and the injustices it visited on Galileo and others down through the centuries. Others criticized its depiction of religion. Whatever your take on the lyrical content, the album still stands as a very well done concept. The single composition of nine songs are broken into several smaller tracks which do what concept albums are supposed to do. They flow and fit seamlessly. You get the feeling that you have heard one very extended track that has gone through several movements. The lyrics are sung with deep feeling and convey the emotion of the particular part very well, whether of Galileo or his accusers. You feel the tensions and convictions on both sides. The band had picked up a new vocalist following the release of the EP prior to this album. The new singer, Folco Orlandini, sounds a great deal like Andre Matos of Angra. He has the same range and power. The musical arrangements are also geared toward conveying the emotion of the moment. The guitars and keyboards play off one another walling the vocalist in sound and propelling the story forward. The music flows seamlessly from sweeping symphonic passages to heavy, crushing power and back without sounding forced or disjointed. Whether you are listening to the keyboards and guitarist duel, or to the saxophone wail plaintively, the music gives an aural imagery all its own. There are no adequate sounds like comparisons for this album. Progressive metal bands frequently attempt concept albums with varying results. For every good one, there are three that fail to pull off the complex marriage between music and story. This one, however, gets everything right and raises the bar for the next act. If you are a fan of progressive metal, you simply must own this disc. If you are a fan of concept albums regardless of musical genre, you must own this disc. This is a stunning disc, masterful on every level

Full-length, Metal Hammer Hellas
January 22nd, 1996
Produced, recorded and mixed sometimes between 1994 and 1995 by Bob Gramm and
Lorenzo Deho’ at New Hamill Studio.

Folco Orlandini: vocals
Joe Talcone: guitars
Ivan Oggioni: guitars
Lorenzo Deho’: bass guitar, keyboards
Nick Rossetti: drums

Tenor sax on 16 by Steve Della Giustina
Acoustic guitar on 2 by Bob Gramm
Keyboards by Bob Gramm and Lorenzo Deho’
Additional drums by Mark Allegri

The nineteen tracks are devided into nine chapters:
I: A New World (1+2)
II: Guilt (3+4)
III: Regrets (5+6+7)
IV: The Holy Office (8+9+10)
V: The Old World (11)
VI: A Nightmare (12)
VII: Nightly Visions (13+14)
VIII: The Trial (15+16+17)
IX: Pain (18+19)
1. New Frontiers 01:18
2. Stargazer 05:16
3. Rage (instrumental) 00:25
4. I Hold The Key (Into The Void) 06:29
5. Colours Of The Night (instrumental) 01:07
6. Mother 01:01
7. Let Me Cry (instrumental) 00:54
8. Justice (instrumental) 00:30
9. Fear (instrumental) 02:33
10. Burning In The Wind 03:39
11. Aperite! (instrumental) 00:44
12. Dungeons Of The Vatican (instrumental) 05:00
13. Cold Flames Of Faith 07:56
14. Suspisions (instrumental) 00:22
15. White Collars 05:40
16. Prisoner Of Dreams (Condemned) 05:04
17. Black Rose (instrumental) 01:04
18. I Can’t Smile 02:48
19. Silent Cry (instrumental) 00:20
Total playing time 52:17

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