THY PAIN: More than Suffering CD. intense extreme METAL, Black / Thrash. s


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intense extreme METAL, black / thrash with a touch of groove, something thats immensely satisfying from start to stop. The lyrics speak volumes of someone with a very painful past, trying to walk with Gods love and forgiveness day by day. Something that has been touched on before, but not really as deeply explored as on this CD. The topic of abusive behavior being passed down through generations is dealt with here, with the power God has lifted up as the only way to break the cycle. Take the words to “Wounded Heart”- “Wounded heart / The childhood scars / Make me another soul / One not hurting / Kill this past / The future holds more / More than pain / More than suffering.” Check also “Far From Darkness”, “United In Blood”, and “Decedents Of Cruelty”. “The Repulsive Cries Of Temptation” deftly deals with the hold our past may still have on us. I also love the way the band describes us as “body bags for souls” on the song “Becoming A Ghost”. Wonderful metaphoric imagery.

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Produced by Rocky Gray of Living Sacrifice.
1. Far from darkness 02:56
2. United in blood 02:46
3. Wounded heart 02:53
4. Descendants of cruelty 03:03
5. The repulsive cries of temptation 03:03
6. 20 year eclipse 02:41
7. Becoming a ghost 03:51
Total playing time 21:13

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