THRONE OF CHAOS: Pervertigo CD. melodic Swedish Death, with Power. s. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


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These guys combine melodic Swedish Death, with Power. Most songs are haracterized by their catchy respective riffs and some titles, such as the titletrack, “Johnny B. Dead”, the closing track “Game”, and the kind of oriental “Fistfucking & Alienseed” are very nice pieces of what is cold melodic Swedish Death, with direct references to the scenes big names, such as In Flames. The difference is that Throne Of Chaos worked together with Niklas Isfeldt who handles the vocal lines no most songs, giving a power metal feeling to them all, most obvious in the epic refrain of “Game”, the albums love ballad “Reason To Be” and “No Nothing”. Moreover, Pasi Nykanen is in charge of the brutal vocals, which appear in almost all songs, as well. The tracks are not long in time, and they have lots of variety, partly because of the coexistence of the two completely different styles which the band mixes… The production is also good, guarranteed (as always) by Fredman Studios and Fredrik Nordstrom. Pervertigo will be a good choice for the ones wholike Swedish Death and are not allergic to Power metal, combining your favorite genres with a rather humouristic approach

Taneli Kiljunen – Guitars, additional vocals
Joiku Harmaja – Guitars
Rasmus Nora – Bass
Carl Sjöblom – Keyboards
Teemu Laitinen – Drums

Session members:
Pasi Nykänen – Harsh Vocals
Niklas Isfeldt – Clean Vocals

1. THRONE OF CHAOS Johnny B. Dead 04:08
2. Pervertigo 04:09
3. The System 02:29
4. No Nothing 04:31
5. Fistfucking and Alienseed 04:40
6. Truth and Tragedy 04:37
7. Sleep 04:41
8. Reason to Be 05:02
9. Game 03:40
Total playing time 37:57

Metal with balls:
Wow, this album is so accessible and radio-friendly at times, yet so undeniably METAL and ass-kicking. Throne of Chaoss sound is described as very similar to that of Children of Bodom. They are one of two bands that are described that way on this site, the other being Norther. After hearing Needled 24/7 from Hate Crew Deathroll and a sample clip from Follow the Reaper, I feel inclined to say that I prefer Throne of Chaos over COB already. Every song on this album is chock-full of quick, crunchy guitars, ultra-melodic vocals, harsh vocals, or a mixture of the two. I don’t understand why bands like In Flames are so popular and bands like TOC aren’t given the time of day. Compared to TOC, In Flames is very inferior in the overall driving aggression, riffing, and singing department, as well as the growling department. I’m not an expert on growling, but TOCs vocalist sounds pretty top-notch. The alternation of harsh and clean vocals give the band two dimensions, a happy, almost radio-friendly one, and a spiteful melodic death one. Did I mention its CATCHY? Its not often when you can blatantly process catchiness and talent in a band in one fell swoop, but thats what I gather when listening to this album. Highlights include Sleep, Reason to Be, and Johnny B. Dead.


Power Metal without Cheesy Vocals:
Sounds like melodic death/thrash but with very good hardcore shouts and ballad-like singing with a pop sensibility. I laugh at the song title, “Fistfucking and Alienseed” cause the title sounds like some Anal Cunt song and I chuckle at the lyrics for the song “The System”, its just too silly. They sound like those college campus Socialists, heres some of the lyrics “Kill the system, use your own will, Kill the system, use your own mind”, laugh out loud, thats stuff some wannabe rebelious punk band would chant, but oh well, the music kicks ass still. The music sounds like In Flames’ Whoracle album, which had music that could be power metal if you changed the growls to ‘high pitched kicked in the balls’ singing. The track “Sleep” has a very catchy guitar line right from the start. “Reason to Be” is the sad piano ballad. The music gets really mellow then fast-paced, never gets boring for over doing something. Riffs are catchy, solos have the classic old school speed metal feel, and the high quality clean singing isn’t cheesy like in Dream Theater or Manowar. They kind of remind me of Stonehenge, only Throne of Chaos could get heavyier. Good album, many people into speed metal, melodic death, and power metal could enjoy.

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