THIN LIZZY: Thunder and Lightning 7″ + Still in Love with You (live) – April 1983. check videos.


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Phil Lynott – bass guitar, vocals
Scott Gorham – guitar, backing vocals
John Sykes – guitar, backing vocals
Darren Wharton – keyboards, backing vocals
Brian Downey – drums, percussion

Artist: Thin Lizzy
Label: Vertigo
Catalogue: LIZZY 12  (812146-7) Glossy Sleeve shinny finish cover [front and back]
Date: Apr 1983
Format: 7″
Chart Position: 39

A Thin Lizzy Thunder And Lightning Downey, Lynott Thin Lizzy, Chris Tsangarides
Side A is and edited version and plays at 45rpm.

B Thin Lizzy Still In Love With You (Live) Philip Lynott Darren Wharton
Side B is the full length version recorded live at Hammersmith Odeon 10th March 1983 and plays at 33?rpm.

Still In Love With You

On Lizzy’s greatest ballad, Lynott went against type: here, the heartbreaker was heartbroken. The song was originally recorded for 1974’s Nightlife, featuring a co-vocal from Frankie Miller and a beautiful solo from Gary Moore. But the version on Live And Dangerous, with Scott Gorham and Brian Robertson playing so soulfully, has an even deeper emotional pull.