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‘Internet Dating Superstars’ is the follow up to The Vandals 2000 release ‘Look What I Almost Stepped In’. Continues along the sames lines, fusing hardcore and Orange County punk with irreverant humour. Similar to Blink-182, No Use for A Name and The Ataris.

Audio CD (14 Oct 2002)
Format: Enhanced, Import
Label: Kung Fu
ASIN: B00006IQL3


Track Listings
1. 43210-1
2. Appreciate My Honesty
3. I’m Becoming You
4. Disproportioned Head
5. Soccer Mom
6. We’ll All Get Laid
7. Little Weirdo
8. I Can’t Wait
9. Wheres Your Dignity?
10. My Brain Tells My Body
11. When I say You I Mean Me
12. The Unseen Tears Of The Albacore
13. My Brother Is Gay
14. Lord Of The Dance

5.0 out of 5 stars The usual concept from the late Vandals: catchy and comical.,
20 years in the running and still not giving in, these guys have said bye bye to Nitro and released this new album on their own strong-going Kung Fu Records. For some die-hards, theres still 2 different Vandals: the one that released “Peace Thru Vandalism” & “When In Rome” in the 80s, and the band that put out all the rest. The first is mostly regarded as being the true Vandals. But I think the second is equally true as the first, not only because they released a lot more albums in this concept.
The comical approach, combined with damn catchy music works great for me. Maybe some people need change in their lives and are fed up with the humoristic approach of this band, but come on, how can you not at least grin a bit when you hear them sing about having a dis proportioned head or soccer moms. And what about that hilarious “My Brain Tells My Body” where the guy is imitating the guitar-pieces vocally. And isn’t it true we have always been complaining about all the emo-lyrics these days? Well, what do you think about a line like “And you’re groveling about the one that got away. You’ll get no sympathy from her just crying like a baby, like the big fat stupid baby you’ve become” (Wheres your Dignity?) I think this is funny. On the other hand these guys might sound like they are joking about everything, but they still engage themselves for the environment in a song like “The Unseen Tears Of The Albacore” where they are pleading for the maintenance of the sea-fauna. And although they seem to make a joke out of “My Brother is Gay”, the last sentence in that song (“I guess its OK”) says a lot more than a lot that has been said about it in many books.

The music itself hasn’t changed that much since their latest albums I suppose. As usual they start of with an adrenaline boost, and what follows is a continues stream of stop and goes, terrific drumparts by one of the best punkdrummers out there (Josh Freese), the convincing voice of Dave Quackenbush and guitars that spew high melodic tunes at a mediocre to amazing speed. I love these “untrue” Vandals!

The PC-enhanced portion of the disc has not a lot more to offer than some band pictures for me. I don’t know if its my PC that is not well configured but some of the features in Flash didn’t work for me. The good part of it is that the lyrics are entirely available here, which is not the case with the lyric sheet, where they are covered partially by these disgusting pop-ups we’re all confronted with on the net. And as on the internet they are quite annoying here as well. Just another one of their practical jokes I suppose.

5.0 out of 5 stars Vandals Good, Internet Dating Superstuds Ace!
This album is amazing, although less funny than the other albums,the tunes are much catchier and you’ll still find songs like “Disproportioned Head” and “My Brother is Gay” quite funny.Some songs do get a bit Blink 182y, but it doesn’t matter most of the songs are good enough to make up for the odd few that do. If you liked Hitler Bad, Vandals Good then you’ll love this.

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