The VANDALS: Hollywood Potato Chip CD. 1st class Poppy Punk Rock, incl. cover of Queen. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


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Track listing:

1. This Is My Special Moment
2. Good Robot
3. My Neck, My Back, My Neack and My Back
4. That Guy
5. Don’t Say Impossible
6. I’m Just a Man
7. Blame the People
8. Designed by Satan
9. How They Getcha’
10. Don’t Stop Me Now
11. I Guess I’ll Take You Back
12. I Am Crushed
13. Atrocity

5.0 out of 5 stars GIVE IT A CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,
Awesome vandals album and is worthy of the higher rating.
Some of the songs have a slightly ‘harder’ edge to them than the more radio friendly tunes on ‘Internet dating super studs’ but if you like other vandals albums you should like this, its still got many lighter songs.
The better songs on the album are; my neck and my back, i am crushed, the cover of Queen’s don’t stop me now, im just a man & atrocity, in fact they’re all great! 🙂
If you’ve never heard the vandals buy ‘Internet Dating Super Studs’ ,then buy this and realise the awesomeness of this album!

5.0 out of 5 stars Good, but not the best Vandals.,
Not alot like the earlier Vandals album, and certainly not one of their best but this is still worth a listen.
The album starts off with the fast and catchy ‘How They Getcha’. ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ is an improvement on the Queen song. There are many classic Vandals anthems on Hollywood Potato Chip but not many that would make it onto a ‘Vandals Greatest Hits’ album. Just shows how much The Vandals have progressed.
Deffinatly a Vandals album to buy for all Vandals fans! I must buy!


5.0 out of 5 stars Good Stuff,
Those guys that bashed this album are dead wrong. The Vandals went back to the old school sound on this album and produced one of the best punk records i’ve heard in awhile.

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