The SEERS: Peace Crazies [Tape]


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“Released 1992
Time (minutes)60
Tracks 14
Neo Psych • Pop Rock
This is a cracking album
The second album from The Seers benefits from the production work of both Pat Collier and Nick Tauber (Thin Lizzy). A heady blend of Punk and Psychedelia, the LP features the single Psych Out which generated a great deal of excitement on both sides of the Atlantic. Promotion was boosted by the filming of a $50 000 video, which has helped the album to sell over 40 000 copies worldwide.

1. Second Time Around
2. Turn Me On About Now
3. Earth Mover
4. Reaching In My Brain
5. Liar
6. Touchstone
7. Psych Out

8. Girl In Action 9. Safe 10. Apocalypse Yesterday 11. Yesterday 12. Looking For Tomorrow 13. It Alright 14. Splitting The Atom “Our very expensive video. I guess we’re still paying for it too. Made on location in a ruined church in Kent I think. The drums were set up on the altar which pleased Age our rhythm monster drummer no end. incidentally you should’ve seen the treatment for the video they wanted to make. It involved amazonian women and zebras in South Africa. I would have enjoyed that. I had a great coat. Oh, and they were all my girlfriends

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